CoverStar app - how to create an account?

to create an account in color star app just tap on your profile bottom right and tap sign up here you have two options preserve is apple or google so you can just tap the continuous apple id and that's usually quite fast for me at least so that's how it works and then you just need to enter your username something like that and then you just tap join uh hurray now you created your account you can accept notifications or maybe later and then basically you can get notifications and then uh in your home feed basically this is app similar to tick tock where you can see uh you know like all these like dancing challenges but this app is exactly focusing on like specific dance challenges which you need to repeat so that's the whole idea of it so then you can just record using your camera so that's what you can do here um yep and then you have your settings you can manage your account um if there is any issue you can delete your account or reach out to hello at so yep that's the idea hope you enjoyed it

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