so one should you delete your account and how to delete your account on ngo app so just tap on your icon and then you'll be able to delete your account in the bottom there is like a red text if you delete your account you will lose access to your username and all questions like unfortunately in this app there is no option to log out so if you want to log out it's not possible um but uh for example if you create an account and you entered your own username it's not possible to change your username as well so the only thing you could do here so for example if my username was incorrect i can't do anything i need to delete my account and recreate an account his new username so at this moment it is the only way so be super careful in the beginning when you create an account to avoid any type any typos and yeah because you won't be able to fix them later you will just need to delete your account so that's basically that um i hope that was helpful uh yeah that's just how it works in this app i'm not sure if you will be able to restore access to your username and all questions when you deleted your account maybe you will need to reach out to support but because this app is in the top charts right now there are probably so many support requests so don't expect to get a reply like pretty soon i guess so that's that hope it was helpful have fun with this app

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