Dream by Wombo experiment - input picture is different to prompt

hello so to basically heroes dream by wombo app and i'm i'm experimenting here want to show some of the tricks so basically you can add an input image and basically um okay so let's just select a cup i want to have strong influence from the cup but what happens if you enter a prompt with completely different const context so i just have the cup here and i want to enter prompt which is related to beach or to like something like that and then i just want to select no style so the whole point is what what the algorithm will do if you your prompt is not related to input image and where this algorithm will look for the for the source more for the image or more for the search prompt so here you can see and then you can see that back exactly there is like a cup here in the part and then there is a beautiful beach in the in the distance so yeah that's that can create a bit of weird images and this way algorithm doesn't really understand what you want so this is a way to actually trick the algorithm so yeah that's basically that so i don't know if it's supposed to work like that uh of course let's see if i just enter the exact search prompt so now i just make it simpler for algorithms there is a copy on the image and there is cop on the search prompt and then it's like easier so then you have this image generated like that hope this is helpful that's basically how it works uh yep thank you for watching

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