in this video we're gonna go through overview of this amazing app called dream by wumbo this app helps you to create high quality ai artworks and i think this is the top app in this category in this niche where literally just by typing some keywords some prompts and choosing your art style you can generate amazing amazing local looking images and also you can input your own image just like a source of uh for this ai model to decide which image to generate this app is also relatively fast so you can get image generated in seconds sometime it takes like 30 plus seconds but yeah it's it's amazing app so how does it work just type in whatever you want to create like space station city sunset forest or anything else and then pick an art style so this is also required option so you need to pick an art style whether you're looking for vibrant color for painting or something darker one but dream has you covered there is also an option to choose no art style at all and i will show this video how to do it and then you can generate your painting also as i just said instead of typing keywords you can also just add some source image so for example if you understand pretty clearly which image you want to generate you can take a photo like of like you want to create an image of flower and you have that exact flower you can take a photo and then give it as a source to this ai model and you will have new image generated but it will be completely different so wombo is a canadian artificial intelligence company and they also had another viral app which was called onebot.ai which also went viral and maybe you have seen there were like these moving gifs dancing to like wireless songs so the idea of wombo ai app is that you can upload your own selfie and then this selfie will start moving to some and dancing to some songs but now this is a new project from them and it's developing super quickly here is uh here's how it looks like you can easily create your account uh just by signing up i think just with your email i don't remember if you can sign up with some social media or sync just with your email so super easy there shouldn't be issues but this is how it looks like on the home feed so recently they added this social element update where it's you can see cool ai artwork showcased similar to instagram feed because i used this app already like i don't know like few months ago in december or november as i remember and it wasn't that viral it went in top 100 apps in us for a brief period and then it's kind of disappeared but now i don't know for which reason after this update when this app started to become more similar to some instagram and some social media elements after this update this app just went viral it was showcased on tick tock like hundreds of millions of views everyone wants to figure out how it works so that's basically an overview and yeah now you can see like people with different profiles posting results of their work but this is just the app right now is selecting this you can't follow someone you can add friends you can't message anyone but let's go to the main part what you're curious about how to create this artwork with the app so this is how it looks like just tap on the plus icon at the bottom and then you can type anything here are some like example example prompts and then you can select an art style so there are like scenes five steampunk give fantasy art hd mystical etching uh moonwalker provenance and then as i said you can select with no style if you want because this app is of it's still you know it's using ai and imagine how complicated that is to calculate the exact image um so if you if you say something like very specific like you know dark and three cats like don't expect this image to create a photography photography quality image where you can see precise details so it's not that it will just create some very vague like landscape-ish image so let's just select this and see how it works also another thing you need to know that while this app is number one in the top charts you can see this error right now fail to generate art please try again later and this annoys a lot of users but this is what it is at this moment because the app is in top charts and i went to their discord it's an on bug that their server is not prepared for for influx of users hundreds of users trying this app right now maybe if you're watching this video later this issue will be fixed maybe there is a new up update or you can just try to use this app your either like early in the morning or late at night when there are like less users online also maybe then the time for processing will be faster so for some images it takes it takes a lot of time to to create for other it create takes less time so you can also experiment try a different prompt try a different art style and then it will take less time um so let's see also another thing to add as you can see i'm not required to pay or upgrade there is no any pop-up so this app at this moment is just like completely free so enjoy it while it lasts because i don't know developers will need to buy their coffee and pay salaries or something so maybe there will be some kind of monetization model either some ads or some subscription but i'm not sure this is just my shots anyways okay so this doesn't work let's try let's try creating with some art style so as you can see yeah this app is glitchy at this moment unfortunately i'm just recording this as this a lot of people want to try this magic with ai images and it's not really working that smoothly yet but there you have it i entered like a tall board and with this specific style you can see how image is being generated in a live mode also some users were asked what if i don't like final image but i like some images which were generated in the process can i have that at this moment you can only like screenshot that but you there is no way to save these images so here you have it your final image you can decide to show or not show prompting artwork then you can if you want tap generate again in the bottom in the top right you can download this original download for phone background so that's you can set up this image as your phone background you can also buy print in the top right you'll be redirected to shopify store and you can print that for a few dozen stores and it this will be delivered to your to your house but then i just published it and this is my feed so this is my account where i have all the images i generated and then from here i can delete them i can share them on snapchat instagram tick tock here's my account i can add profile picture here's my username in email um you can connect with them on twitter discord instagram um yeah so it's kind of like social media but it's still not completely yet i can't follow anyone nobody can follow me i can't message or i can't add bio or like some links to my youtube or social media so that's very basic maybe all these features are coming in the future and then okay the let's try to add input image so this is also super interesting feature because as you have seen i just entered like a search prompt by the way you can earn multiple prompts just by typing something like this so i want to have birth in forest so that's what i seen people are doing yeah so something like that you can do if you want to have multiple aspects but you can also select image there are suggested images and there are images from your camera roll i can crop that photo i can adjust it i can rotate it i can make it look nice and then i can adjust influence if it's a minor influence my input image has little effect default influence image has some effect and then major influence input image has a large effect so that's that and then i can just tap lamp for example i can select still a style so it's required to create a style and still you need to enter some prompt so the algorithm can understand what you're looking for and then in this case the image is generated pretty quickly so as you can see it's just shows creating and basically your lamp is being generated so there you have it i think it's pretty cool so it looks like someone gog i don't know picture from early 20th century some impressionist style uh yeah and then you can just share and save it like a lot of questions here are can you like you know can you generate nfts or can you generate this art and salad so like you can read about that in detail on discord channel on their discord channel uh like as they say right now you can always refer to their discord it is possible to sell it and sell it as nfts minted but you always need to refer that it's generated by wumbo and if someone wants to buy it or like algorithm created something insanely cool then you can obviously yeah just just generate that if you're not happy you can always tap generate again so this is also handy as i'm using this app a lot these days so yeah this is just like a nice app to play to show off to your friends also it can be quite relaxing you can use it for various graphic purposes i don't know what your project is maybe you need some visuals and all of that so try out this app have fun hope you enjoyed this video if this video was helpful for you please consider doing a super thanks below this video uh visit my blog mr hack.org my tick tock and thank you so much for enjoying

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