Google Analytics 4 - viable alternatives

what can be some viable alternatives to google analytics for a lot of developers marketers a bit frustrated like because google is forcing to to move websites to like to google analytics for uh in just like you know next year and it's the fourth update because like previous universal analytics just won't work uh so that's basically what's happening uh so like this this person says that i just want to know how many people are visiting which pages and where they come from google removes this and it's it's for real it's it's pretty hard to figure out like the source and like all the top pages so here are people saying what they are using so uh sorceries use phantoms so like not phantom fats on analytics that's one all plausible uh the results so plausible and fat on the select two options i find on twitter uh which people uh yeah are mentioning a lot so i didn't use not nor that one or that one then there is uh like simple analytics i guess there is another tool which i heard a lot about um and yep so and dangerous matomo or analytics powerful secure weapon that gives 100 data ownership and user privacy protection so try that as well so yes these are the options i hope this is helpful

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