let's explore highpal app a new way to chat so as you can see this app is starts starting to climb in the social networking category and it's like a walkie-talkie in private and group chats um yeah it's an online special app that takes a unique and Innovative approach to the classic walkie-talkie so that's the main feature why this app is getting more popular because basically it's like a walkie-talkie app but with more social media features you can turn your device into walkie-talkie that allows you to chat with friends anywhere anytime you can even hear your walkie-talkie outside of high power while watching video in another app even when your screen is locked harpal provides high quality communication and supports one-on-one chat as well as other group options um message your friends in high power and it will pop up on their screen you may invite up to 100 people per group meet more people and all of that so that's basically the app here how it looks like so to enter walkie-talkie you just tap on walkie-talkie icon and then you just need to hold to talk here I'm not sure if it will be hearing but yeah and it sounds like walkie-talkie in the beginning you can just reach out like with hype about help but you can just add friends here and then talk with your friends and that's pretty fun so here you have your you can set up your nickname or change nickname of your friends pin to top you can delete this chat you can also have this specific chat with this person so every like walkie-talkie is kind of like a separate chat um you can send some signals you can mute and mute uh so something like that so these are all chats you can add like a group chat to and to do that you will need to select friends so to invite friends just tap here and tap on plus icon and then um yeah you can scan use QR code use the invite code and then you can see see here some Public Square um where you can just uh yeah what's that that's basically like a public chat where you can allow yourself to be to be there and but then you will receive some messages from strangers so just decide if you want that also to create an account you can only do that with Apple ID at the moment um so yeah um you can only do it like that it's not possible to create an account with is a phone number anything like that then there is a gear icon in top left then these are settings um yeah it's cool that there is an option just to delete an account from the app that's I like apps like that they just care about your privacy you don't need to reach out to some support chat if you don't like the app or you've seen there are some privacy issues just tap here continue and delete your account then there is also a sync where you can add the widget to the home screen so basically here I can just tap and hold and then I can add feature to the home screen like this and then immediately see emojis or gifs on your home screen like you can add small or large widget and yeah so there you have it something like it um so that's the the high power um and yeah that's basically how it works um yeah and then there is like explore tab which is more like a social media for me this is this part is a bit weird like how it connects to the to the real to the other part why you include Instagram here but it's just okay uh for you and friends and then it's also possible just to message users so here you can see all the photos and then you can easily message or you can send a walkie-talkie uh message as well so you just need to start conversation and then you can send emojis and you can send images and all of that so that's that then you have your account in your account section you can also create a post so you can upload some photos or videos and you can edit your profile change image change username send something interesting so it's basically like a social media profile also here you can enable this toggle now where you're just going online and yet there were and then I will be available in this high power online Public Square and then you can just refresh it and refresh it and you will see all these people available here um so I yeah I think this app is bringing this most interesting concept of walkie-talkie so that's why it's getting into popularity other than that there are like so many apps like this where you know you can hang out with people and have this group chat but yeah it's a really cool idea with walkie-talkies there are like few apps before that but I think this app is really taking it to the next level so yeah just add friends invite friends uh yeah or to add friends sorry for that you just need to tap and top here and then you here's my code uh my friend code which is valid only for like 24 hours so you can copy that and then you you can just enter uh uh other people's code and then just tap confirm you can also ask your friends to share their code with you or to share that in SMS and then just add it there so basically that's uh that's how it works um yeah so that's that's the idea um that's how you add your friends you can also just scan the code uh yeah you can use QR code that's my QR code you can share it so also other way for example here you helpline walkie-talk if it's your friends and then you can just share your your code and you add each other like that so yeah that's basically the idea um let's also check out some reviews I often like when I do like app overviews I just want to go and check out some reviews it doesn't have that many ratings so far it says easy to use it's a lot of fun great interface to keep track of my favorite friends go ahead and download this app and start having some fun fun family friendly app I like it so not that many ratings yet to say completed that they're all authentic and original but yeah you can definitely say that it's touching something because it's it's in top charts in the US App Store so definitely there is something there in this idea with the app so yeah give it a try check it out maybe you like it maybe not uh if you like this video overview please put a like so more people can see this video because that's how YouTube recommends videos to other people the more likes you have the batteries for algorithm to recommend this video also check out my blog Mr hack here and check out my Tick Tock thank you for watching I often make overviews about some cool interesting apps which I think you need to check out

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