How to ADD FRIENDS in Locket Widget app?

hello so here is locate widget app to add friends here just step in the top left part and then you can add uh five friends uh just tap add new friend and then you can just tap add and that basically means that then you just need to send a message you can just send the message requests or you can just do this and then yeah then you just do this i'd attitude to my locket download the app to accept uh yeah and then they will be notified if they have been added on the app yeah you can see your send requests you can revoke send requests and you can add up to five people and the whole idea of the app is that you can add a widget to your screen and then uh basically when you send photos to your friends the photos will appear in this widget on their uh ios screen so that's actually super romantic nice idea and then you can also send your first locket uh and your picture will appear on your friend's home screens so here you can see all the history and your camera and then yeah if you just take a photo you need to add a friend first

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