How to CANCEL Chai app subscription?

so in case you wanted to get unlimited messages in chai app you upgraded and here is the price and you upgraded chai premium for example if you upgraded to monthly um then if you want to cancel the subscription you need to do it through the settings app and then go here's your subscriptions and find your chai app subscription and then you need to cancel that so yeah just go to that menu here in subscriptions tab there should be chai app it's like that and cancel the subscription for example if you want to cancel you need to cancel at least one 24 hours before the next billing period starts so yeah if you you know if your billing period starts on you know on 25th july and you can sell on 5th july you still will be billed for the next 30 days so you need to cancel atlantis at on 24th just as an example that's that

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Cancel Unwanted iPhone App Subscriptions - Complete Guide
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