How to cancel subscription in Velomingo app?

here's velomenko app what you need to do to cancel subscriptions so if you choose to upgrade to Pro here's the terms you're getting so first you get three days for free trial doesn't matter on which Tire either monthly or yearly tire so you just get 3.99 for free and sorry 3.99 dollars per week but then you have three days for free or 29.99 per year so that that you can subscribe and enjoy free trial by the way if you get like a three day free trial and you want to cancel it remember to cancel it maximum after two days if you you cancel it less than 24 hours before the last date you still will be charged for the coming period and then to cancel the subscription just go to settings and then you need to go to your iCloud and then subscriptions so from here from subscriptions part uh you will be able to to find walamingo subscription and then just cancel it uh so yep something like that and cancel it from select that subscription and then you will be able to cancel it from there that's what I would do thanks for watching

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