How to change privacy of BeReal?

BeReal app wants you to be yourself and super authentic! But, sometimes you don't want your authenticity to be shared with everyone in the world. And you just want to make sure your BeReal privacy is set correctly or you want to change privacy of BeReal post after posting.

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In this guide I will go through how to change privacy of your BeReal post.

Changing privacy of BeReal is quite tricky. And I couldn't figure it out myself for a while. There are two moments where you can change privacy of your BeReal:

  • while posting
  • after posting

TLDR - see my video below for a quick tutorial.

Change BeReal privacy

What are Privacy settings in BeReal?

Ok, let's get into it. How privacy is defined in BeReal app?

Basically there are two types of audiences in BeReal app:

  • My friends only (Shared only with your friends)
  • Global (Shared with everyone on BeReal)

There is no option to be completely private - so your post is not visible to anyone.

How to change BeReal privacy while posting?

Just when you are posting your BeReal, in the bottom part there is a setting to select privacy.

There are two options:

  • My Friends only
  • Global

You can select only from these two audiences. There is no private or unlisted option, such as on YouTube.

Discovery feed means your BeReal will be visible in a global discovery feed for all BeReal users.

My Friends feed means your BeReal will be visible only to your friends.

So, before you post a BeReal, just select one of these two options.

How to change BeReal privacy AFTER POSTING?

You can only change privacy of the latest BeReal you have posted.

To change BeReal privacy, go to your latest BeReal in My Friends feed.

Tap on grey text below caption or where it says "Add a caption".

In the bottom right you will see Options. Tap on Options.

Here you can click Hide BeReal from Discovery feed.

By doing this, your BeReal will be only visible to friends feed, not global Discovery feed.

It is only possible to change BeReal privacy if you posted with Discovery option in the beginning. If you have posted BeReal to be available only in Friends feed - it is not possible to change BeReal privacy.

It is only possible to change BeReal privacy from Discovery to My Friends feed - not vice versa.
Change privacy of BeReal

How to make BeReal public?

To make your BeReal public and visible to everyone, your audience should be set to "Global".

It is important to set your audience to Global when posting a BeReal. If you set your audience to "My Friends feed" in the beginning - it won't be possible to make BeReal public after.

How to turn off Discovery in BeReal?

To turn off Discovery on BeReal, you need to go to My Friends feed and find your latest BeReal post.

After that, tap on grey text below "Add a caption", where it says something like "8 hr Late". In the bottom you will see a popup menu. Tap Options, tap "Hide BeReal from Discovery feed".

"BeReal only visible to you"

Some users see this message under their BeReal posts. Why do you see it and what it means?

As I understand, it means that you set up your audience to "My Friends only" AND you don't have any friends yet on BeReal. Therefore, your BeReal is only visible to you!

Can you hide BeReal from someone or a specific friend?

It is not possible to hide a BeReal post from specific user. If you selected an option to share BeReal with "My Friends only" - all your friends will see it.

To hide BeReal from a BeReal friend, you need to remove that friend from BeReal...

If you want to hide BeReal from some person who is not your friend on BeReal app, then just make sure to set your audience to "My Friends only". With this setting that person won't be able to see your BeReal.

At this moment, it is not possible to create a custom group or custom audience on BeReal, which will consist only of specific people, and share images only to them.

How to know if your BeReal is public or private?

So, you posted a BeReal, but don't know whether it is visible to everyone or only shared with friends?

Sometimes you can forget which setting you have chosen when posting a BeReal. How to know if your post is in Discovery or only shared with friends?

It is a bit complicated, as there is no clear tag or caption which says "private" or "public".

Follow these steps:

  • Go to My Friends tab
  • Tap on grey area - near posting time
  • Tap on Options - if you see "Remove from Discovery" - it is a public BeReal; if you don't see it - it means it is a private BeReal.

To sum it up, how to know if your BeReal is private? If in Options you don't see "Remove from Discovery" and only see "Delete my BeReal" - your BeReal is private.

How to know if BeReal is public

Another way to check if your BeReal is private or public is by looking at Realmojis, of course if you have received any :)

If your BeReal is public, in your Realmoji section you will see a Discovery tab and separate Realmojis from discovery.

To sum it up

By changing privacy of BeReal, you are not deleting it - your post will still be available in the feed! Here is how to delete a BeReal.

There are two moments where you can change privacy of your BeReal:
- While posting
- After posting

There two types of privacy in BeReal:
- Friends
- Discovery feed

If you don't see an option to change privacy of BeReal after posting, probably you set an audience to My Friends in the beginning.

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