here is fishbowl app and let's try to create a bowl so bowl here is basically like a group so you can select the type of bowel to create so it can be your work friends company about meetups diversity groups universe professional experience so for example if i want to create a meetup so for example i want to create meetup about like javascript technology react um require member approval add a photo and then basically that's it then i can just add participants i can add my contacts from my phone i can just sync contacts i can just keep and there you have it so it's super easy i just created that i can send a welcome message i can share the ball link to invite more members so i can then copy and white link then jerry's ball settings so here you have uh like settings you can add participants i can report bubble i can change the leaders or who are managing this bubble and that's basically the idea around it so yeah that's how it works [Music] so hope that is helpful

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