How to enable 0.5x camera in Locket widget?

In the latest update of the Locket widget, a new and exciting feature has been introduced: the ability to enable a 0.5x camera zoom. This update brings the functionality to iOS devices in version 1.18.1 and above. If you want to take advantage of this new feature, simply update the app to the latest version.

Once you have updated the Locket widget, you can easily enable the 0.5x camera zoom. However, please note that this feature is only available on newer devices, such as iPhones, that support this zoom level. It is important to use the back camera, sometimes referred to as the rear-facing camera, to access this functionality.

If you are unsure which camera is the back camera, it is the one located on the back side of your device. When you open the Locket widget and switch to the back camera, you will notice the option to zoom out at a 0.5x level. This allows you to capture a wider field of view. To adjust the zoom level, you can simply zoom in or out using the familiar pinch-to-zoom gesture.

Keep in mind that the maximum zoom level on the Locket widget is 6x, but with the introduction of the 0.5x zoom, you now have even more versatility in capturing your desired shots. Once you have adjusted the zoom level to your preference, you can conveniently take your Locket and capture the moment.

The addition of the 0.5x camera zoom feature to the Locket widget provides users with a new perspective when capturing photos. Whether you want to capture more of the scenery or simply experiment with different zoom levels, this feature offers a range of creative possibilities. Update your app today and start exploring the world of photography with the Locket widget.

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