How to include a link to Revue newsletter in Tweets?

hello everyone so there is this app which is called so here it is and it's basically a newsletter service which twitter bought earlier and now they have a new cool feature when you post a tweet with this newsletter there is a direct subscribe subscriber link right in your tweets so i will just try to test it out here just to show you how it works so for example here already i can include it in my profile so everyone can just subscribe to my newsletter from twitter but also now when you tweet and your tweet goes viral um yeah so let's just let's just explore here uh your followers can now uh no no that's not that so here it is so it's not possible to subscribe to review newsletters directly from tweets [Music] so something like this so this is how it works so for example if someone posts a link to drive your newsletter it's super easy to subscribe just like that your followers can subscribe to review newsletters they like from tweets in their timeline readers who have email address links to that twitter account can now subscribe with one click no need to confirm via email you and if their email isn't linked you'll guide them to profile page to subscribe ask your readers to share your issues share your profile page and space your hosting and your threads is a link to your profile page so like this uh so yeah there you have it so for example this is my past issues this is my newsletter i can just go to it [Music] and then let's just try to test it out let's see how that works and then i just posted my link and there it is so okay probably me i can't subscribe anyways if i also go from here seems i can't subscribe as well um so i'm not sure what like how exactly okay if i click i can subscribe but how to do it just from a link so yeah some something like that i don't know guys probably you'll need to figure it out but that's that's the idea                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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