How to install LiveIn widget from multiple followers?

did you know that in life in widget you can actually receive forest not just from one person but from multiple people so here is the app now you probably already seen it so you can add the photos here and other and send it to your friends but there is like a widget setting if you go to settings where you can select that you want to receive photos from like a lot of users um and if you try to install the widget like in lock it widget this is another app there is only like a possibility to receive photos from like one one person or not one person but just like one photo at a time here you can add multiple users so you can add three and four users so you can just add that and then you will see that there are basically four photos here which you can be displayed in in real time and this is basically like widget instagram app where you can see all these photos in real time updating so that's actually pretty fun so yeah you can definitely give it a try

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