How to SEE FULL NAME & Reveal who voted for you in GAS app?

so here's gas app and if you swipe to the left to your inbox then you can see uh some flames and people who voted for you you can only see gender and great so girl from 10th grade boy from ninth grade and something like that so if you want to see a full name you just need to tap see who sent it you need to upgrade to God mode and yeah I won't be sure because it's screen recording but here is a screenshot what will happen if you upgrade it to the god mode then you will be shown the first letter in there in their name and then to see the full name you just tap see full name and then you have two reveals per week so God mode costs like seven dollars per week and for that period you can reveal two full names only and that's that so yeah you can do that and that's how you reveal the full name and now who liked you in the Gaza otherwise you can just get hints and get the first letter in their name

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