How to share what you are listening on BeReal?

so I just discovered here this new feature that seems to be real is working on so it's shared by Alessandro Pelosi on Twitter um so yeah basically the idea is like be real wants to integrate for Spotify to to the app and then yeah you can just will be able to add music and link your Spotify account share and then ultimately you'll be able to share with your friends what you're currently listening to when you post Imperial listen to music or podcast when you take your bill to share it with your friends and yeah then you will just be able to share a H to share what music you are listening right now um yeah so not only the photo you will also probably have like some small like uh music track available in the when you're sharing the photo so that's basically the process and yeah that's that's how it looks you probably will look like I'm not sure the timeline when it will be released and all of that but that's the idea

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