did you know that you can start a remote listening session on spotify so in app just tap here on the devices you will see all your devices and then here uh you can just end the session but start remote group session invite up to some friends once they join your group session you can play music and podcast together participant will see your profile picture and username then you can just invite friends just join group session on spotify and that can be pretty fun um so yeah that's basically like you know listening to spotify together decently uh that's uh i think that's some recent update i didn't see it recently uh so yeah then you can just share a copy link to that session and then just you know share it like that so yeah just imagine like you know rave or i don't know the apple's house party or if you just have like a zoom call but it's not like a zoom call but just like want to hang out with friends together online there is no video but then you can just mess up with your playlist and listen them together and just move songs create your cue like you know have fun so that's can be interesting uh yeah and there are so many use cases where you can try it out either you're like sitting at home alone or something like that and you just want to listen to music not alone but with your friends um so yeah definitely give it a try

How To Setup a Spotify Group Sessio...
How To Setup a Spotify Group Session - Listen with Friends
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