How to use Autopilot Investment app with Robinhood?

how to use autopilot Investment app is Robin Hood so in this app you can just copy a portfolio of top politicians and then you can just select those select their stocks and then you can just connect your broker at the moment you can only connect Robin Hood people or Mario trade so you need to have an account and at least one of those and then you can just tap on Robinhood and then you can just integrate there um and then yeah your portfolio your data and then you can just tap continue and log in with Robinhood details here so that's so that's just easy easy way to do it of course uh you you easily can see all the stocks here and then you can just copy past manually uh but yeah uh that's what you can do here this app basically takes top for hedge fund managers top politicians and gets their estimate portfolio from open sources and then you can just see and get some ideas what these people are investing in probably they obviously have some Insider knowledge or something like that so it can give you some ideas

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