How to use Shuffles app in TestFlight mode?

Did you know that Shuffles by Pinterest is available also in TestFlight?

So just search in Google "Shuffles by Pinterest TestFlight", and then you can just try to install this app.

By using this, you will help actually to developer team to share your crash logs, user's information and feedback, and all of that.

Do you still need an invite code when using in TestFlight mode?

Yes, you still need Shuffles invite code, even when using it in TestFlight app. You won't be able to use some test version avoiding the invite code.

Actually, test app is almost the same as normal Shuffles app - as I understand there aren't some huge perks or benefits by using it.

Because, for example if you are using Locket widget app in Testflight - you will get a lot of awesome app features before everyone else.

And when you are using Shuffles via Testflight - there are more updates than usually and it can be a bit annoying.

Overall, my idea was that by using in TestFlight I won't need invite code - but again you still need one.

Eventually, I got Shuffles invite code by browsing reddit /Pinterest subreddit and then I just bought it for 20 UK pounds - that was a faster way instead of browsing all reddit replies for hours.

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