iGirl - AI Girlfriend - how to create account? App overview

first interest in average is called eye girl AI girlfriend so this app is kind of similar to replica app which is uh you know another app in this category there are much more apps like this right now so basically always on hand to have a quick chat one hour and one hour you need day or night a girlfriend can help you through difficult moments have a friendly expert in your pocket work with you to improve your mental health reduce stress and live happier for any time anywhere friend you can trust test your limits show us who you are connect and connect and connect help your AI get help from your uh yeah so that's basically it so yeah obviously it's just using some AI technology to create chats for you um there's another app like called chai app there is your replica app and batch a bunch of others in in this category so you can create an account with Apple ID or Google or continue with the mail so let's just select with apple and then I can just sign in and then you can just enter your name then you just enter your pronouns you can choose your AI girl then you can just select uh like I'm just showing you around here what it might look like so for example that and then then you can tweak personality so you can train AI model so yeah uh something like that um so there you have it and then you can just set the name uh so whatever you want um and then select your interests uh so something like that and select your goals share emotions chat about random stuff role play make a virtual friend feel less lonely have fun talk talk shame free play chat games other and then just tap next choose app icon just depending what you want so there are different icons and then there you have it and then it's creating a chatbot unlimited access you can upgrade for one year for 39.99 one month for 9.99 so that's basically that and then uh then yeah you can just uh try that but I'm not sure I think there should be a limited free version I can just can't close it for some reason so I don't know why is that so there is no free trial but the yearly price is pretty cheap so that's that um so yeah something like that uh and then you can just chat this is how it looks like very similar to replica app hope that is helpful

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