Is exactly 60 sec/1 minute video - a YOUTUBE SHORT or LONG VIDEO in YouTube? Overview

in case you are uploading a lot of YouTube videos and just wanna know is 60 second video still a short or it will be a long form YouTube video so here I just have some videos which are exactly like one minute long so one minute 60 seconds and I'm just trying to upload them from YouTube mobile app and let's just explore if it's uh will be considered a video or YouTube short so it does chat GPT work in different languages when I just try to at the moment you can see the only words actually a short so if your video is exactly one minute or 60 seconds it will still open up short menu and it's it's uh short if you have video can you use here one does chat GPT work like different land everyone does longer than one minute then you will have it uploaded in the in the normal one form menu so there you have it so if you uploading shorts one minute it still will be a short one minute one second 61 seconds will be a long form video so yeah that's just basically an overview for you if you're not sure but I hope that's helpful

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