what is slit match app it start to climb in the in the charts in the app store and i'm just interesting interested to see what is that meet new friends in one click seven minutes limited call after hanging up you will enter text chat watch videos together three minutes limited chat [Music] so chat with new friends 180 seconds chat time like each other to unlock unlimited chats um cool avatar share your moment and then you can unlock unlimited chat so that's the whole idea so it's basically like you know random audio chat app but it has this avatars and it adds like a anonymity like more like metawars webstreet taste to it so you don't see each other real pictures and avatars and that's super interesting approach uh lead match is all about meeting new friends and beyond it much as a safe and warm community to share your honest thoughts and feelings you can always encounter cool and current people eat much people here can experience emotional communication comfortably through different online interactive features um so you can just meet new friends by by doing like audio chats with random people feel comfortable share all your emotions uh there are always lead match piles who can deeply relate to your stories with much community we respect diversity and appreciate differences litmus cherishes warm safe and good vibes and that's why we always promise you a community where people respect love embrace differences and communicate with no pressure and there are also there are some interesting games where you can just play games voice game party chat feed explore live feeds around the world you can really design your avatar as well and there are more and more interesting features so if i just open the app here's how it looks like so basically this is home you can see all these feeds i can change the filter in top left to change the age or gender who i want to speak with and then i can see the description or something and then i can try to chat [Music] i don't know if i can enter voice chat i can try to call i can like you know pin edit alias block report start a call send messages send void message that's basically it and then i can just add as a friend or follow [Music] so that's the idea as you can see this app it doesn't have like real images right away it has this avatars which is kind of quite cool like for me i'm introvert i don't want to see for people to see all my images right away like you know instagram like showing off and stuff so there are more and more apps where you basically have these cool avatars and you just need to you know try out uh with this avatars and only then uh yeah so basically that's that and then you have this voice game where you can be matched with uh with different and you can just leave so basically that's how it looks like just for you to show the the idea well yeah you can just basically enjoy this random voice chat so no video is just avatars and you are not showing your real picture in case that was the issue for you of course you don't want like to really your to show your real pictures for some random people and also there is like soul game uh here the the waiting time is about two minutes then you can also leave it after you give some feedback and that's basically it so then there is like a feed of people where you can communicate uh you have for youtab you have latest app you have following and then there is chat where you can chat with other people and see your own chats you can always give feedback for a chat in case something doesn't work uh you can add friends here to add friends uh you need to add delete match nickname or lead id and that leads us to our profile so here's my lead id so you can just copy that lead id and then just share to yeah to your friends and then basically that's your lead id birthday bio and then you can change your avatar as well you can send notifications language uh safety feedback blog clear cache and sign out also just in case for example if you want to delete your account or have some questions about your data or your previous chats and all of that you can just you know go here and send your feedback here and then just for example if you want to delete my account uh right here or delete my data or anything that's what i would do some apps just include that right away in the in the app this button to delete an account that i feel actually more trustful more secure if apps have that but some apps and this app doesn't have that you can copy your information like copy your id as well here and then the the like cool feature about this app is abundance of this avatars you can see this one is owned and this one is free i can easily change avatar but for some cool avatars you need diamonds so then you will need to get them then there are all these different designs you can customize that and really like build your own virtual avatar which is amazing and a lot of apps are doing it right now like there are so many um so many features which you can add here and then yeah if i want to change my avatar and then i can just see all these additional features and then i can just confirm that and this is my new avatar and there are also some community guidelines with good like you can just read through them but in this random audio video chat in apps it's super important yeah that there are some community guidelines and people actually are blocked or reported if there is some uh behavior like that and so that's basically it um so yeah that's the idea um that's the app overall and then there are some gifts so you can receive some gifts you can contribute gifts you can get these diamonds of course this is how the app is monetized so you can recharge um so yeah here you can get all these diamonds for like 7.99 or you can get like 112 300 diamonds for 249.99 so that's interesting um yep so that's basically the whole app idea [Music] if you want to post and you can change your post privacy you can just tap send and then it's like social media so i think a lot of like social media apps will actually move into this direction into more like you know web stream meta virus community why where instead of like real identities you will just have your avatars and avatar becomes like super important asset sorry for this like tech talk but just trying to reflect here that yeah it kind of becomes more important that your picture and how you design your avatar how you make it really perfect that's super important uh because that's how you stand out oh so now you can also see some visitors to your profile and you don't need to pay for that so it's like a free feature other than that there you have it that's the app uh that's how it works uh pin to your profile change for see it post you can also delete your pause so i i'm just browsing around this app but it's like super nice i think the design is super nice and minimalistic feels really like if if i understand it or if i've been using this app for a while it feels nice so other than that thank you a lot for watching check out my misterheight.checkoutmypodcast and see check out website you in the next videos

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