Litmatch app - how to create account?

so here is interesting app lead match so let's just explore it so it only has like 542 ratings so you can see it here meet new friends in one click voice games all game movie game you can hang out with watch videos together three minutes limited chat super cool avatar share your moment so i never use this app all incredibles happen in one click lead match is all about meeting new friends and beyond lead match is a safe and warm community to share your honest thoughts and feelings encounter cool and caring people people here can experience emotional communication comfortably through different online interactive features most of our users have become friends by taking the first moves inspired by its much impressive features join the conversation and share your honest thoughts and feelings have you respect diversity and appreciate differences lit my churches form safe and good vibes that's why we always promise you a community where people respect love embrace differences and communicate with no pressure so that's interesting and then basically to create an account you can either do it with facebook apple or google then you just need to add your nickname and this is my avatar so great so basically this is how i create an account i can always just change my return on top right so community rules you can see them here and then you just need to accept them so here's how the chat looks like it's kind of like a metaverse app and basically there you have it so that's basically how it looks like then you can just change bio so something around that so you can chat you can find people in defeat and there is no okay so there are real pictures but also you just have like like you know real pictures but also you have a lot of avatars so there are a lot of trending apps like that where people you know don't always want to share their real picture and all of that but they just want you know to hang out steal and all of that so hope that is helpful

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