Locket Widget doesn’t appear in iOS widget gallery - what to do?

here are some guns for locket widget app which is pretty cool i like it i really like the idea but there are some bugs and hopefully this video will help you out so for some people locket widget doesn't appear as an option to add to the home screen here is official developer response which might help you out so after you install locket it can occasionally take up to an hour for the widget to appear in ios widget gallery so that can be the issue that just lock it widget is not is not appearing in the widget gallery if you don't want to wait or starting your phone will make the widget appear immediately steps to add locket widget then go to home screen hold down on any app to edit your home screen tap the plus button top left corner search for the locket and add the widget if you don't see the locket driver starting your phone or waiting up to an hour so here is a process step and hold you see the app jiggling tap the plus icon either on top left or top right on older iphone models and then you just search for lockheed so what this person is referring to is that locket widget is not appearing here in the search it's not in the widget gallery so that's what you need to do either wait at least for an hour or start your phone so there is a weird bug personally for me it worked really fine and it appeared instantly but for some people it doesn't i don't know how it's connected maybe their phone storage is filled up or there is some like i don't know is all the technicalities why it doesn't work for some people but yup that's the solution um yeah hope it can help you out

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