obimy app - WHAT IS IT? HOW TO USE?

so in this video i'm gonna show you what exactly is a beami app why is it going viral on tick tock and it's growing in top charts in the us app store so as you can see it's number three in lifestyle category just below tinder and pinterest which is crazy and what what is sensager as the developers of the app call it and all of that so basically also this app is developed by ukrainian so it's really amazing uh stand with ukraine and yeah support us and yeah by the way so let's just get into it so the idea of the app is super neat i think it's it's actually really amazing so via this app you can interact through simple actions like kiss hug touch and share your mood so the focus of this app is that you are not sending pictures or not sending text messages but you send in these actions through vibrations of the phone and through notifications so you can create an account i will show you how to do it and then uh you can't send text you can send images a video you know a voice message as you can do on any other messenger app on whatsapp and so on but you can just send uh like you know a touch for example or something like that and then your wife your phone will start vibrating and then you can set another cute touch or something like that and there are different types of actions and you will receive a different vibration so instead of you know like sending a text how hey what's up or how are you you just send a little vibration and like your partner can know all these types of vibrations so you can see here low pinch keys hug touch and uh when it's important for you to know the mood of your loved one so you can also request like ask a mood send your mood in specific style so it's much more interesting than just you know sending a text and the developers of this app are calling it the sensorgear it's a place where i show my feelings because sometimes words aren't enough it's a new way to flirt from a distance from me i can kiss heart someone i haven't seen for so long so that's the idea of the app it was released more than a year ago i guess but now it was updated there are so many new improvements there'll still some bugs i will go about it in the end of the video but overall it works really amazing so let's just go through that so here is the home screen uh and you just need to create an account here share sensors there are plenty to choose from and they have cute animation go ahead and try steps heart beats sizes take care about your beloved ones wherever they are so the coolest thing also in this app you can give access to your health data like your iphone and then um yeah you can see your heart rate or your partner's friends heart rates number of steps and then also closing sizes so you can do some surprises and all of that um i actually don't know why you need closing size and i didn't figure out that feature completely but i think it's it's really cool that maybe you can send a surprise t-shirt or swag so let's discover that so here's how you can create an account you just need to enter your phone number you can choose any countries this app is available worldwide not only united states or canada or europe but the downside of it is that you can only use phone number a lot of people are complaining that you can't sign on with just email people don't want to give their phone number or even some people don't have a phone number or some people want to use like sign up is apple or i don't know with google which is faster at this moment it's not possible so it's only that so i will just show you in a demo just with a test number so yeah by the way you can also use some of the apps if you don't have a phone number so there you have it and then you just created an account so this is how the app looks like very minimalistic and i also like this design approach so this is your profile and basically if you tap and hold you can share your mood so your mood can be sad okay and pretty good and then you can tap on the colors you can select different colors and also if you want to buy all colors you will need to get a color pack which is just 199 but that's one time purchase and that's not a monthly subscription so it's pretty cheap as i understand in this app there is no upgrade option but let's talk about it later so anyways what why you need that first of all you just need to add a friend so you need um to give access to your contact list on on ios and then uh yeah you can just generate this link and then just invite or just share your link via you know your email or like your messengers and stuff like that so then you just need to add a friend or your partner or anyone with who you want to share these senses and then basically i already did that so your friend will appear here on the screen so you just need to swipe right and here is this your friend so now now is the cool part so now i can tap on my friend and tap on this icon and then i can send all these types of actions or emotions so i can send love pinch and then uh like as you can see because i'm using test account that your this person sent you loud pinch i can send a kiss and i will also feel like a phone vibration like different types of vibration so the thing is like my phone starts vibrating and i also receive a notification and i don't need to yeah like something like that and then i just get notification and my phone vibrates in a bit different way so i by this by this vibration i can differentiate which type of emotion is sent to me or just touch so that's that's really amazing because yeah for some people it's just easier to send this and you don't need like you know to go to whatsapp or any other messenger and write some long messages and there are different types of emotions warm playful passion so you can see all types of senses which you can send but uh to unlock this census again you need to upgrade for 199. this is the price which you need to pay and that's again one time payment um yeah it's not a monthly subscription it's actually pretty cheap so yeah so as you can see you can get all the colors for 1.99 all the sensors here for 1.99 uh yeah so that's pretty cheap uh my guess is that of course developers will just introduce probably some premium version like someone's the subscription in the future because this app just basically uh just last day skyrocketed through the app store rankings due to probably some viral tick-tock videos and really nice idea and app improvements so that's basically the idea and then of course when you added a friend you can share a mood so now i can just share a mood that i'm feeling good and then this mood will will appear again as notification in my friend's feed and then the friend can tap on that notification and share his or her mood i don't know honestly how to request mood so i don't know about that um so yep so i don't know that and then in the bottom right you can also select different types of closing sizes for us eu uk japan so you can do that yeah you can select your height depending on the region and if you set it up for one region it will be available through through all regions and automatically convert it for you i don't know what's the end use of this feature because i just added and like how so now i i can send some t-shirt or some surprise gift but like what where do i do that so i don't completely understand this feature i didn't find like specific button or something where to to do that then you can see the timeline so you can see that your friend basically sent you all these emotions and all these uh moods um yeah to add friend i already showed you and then this is your current mood and these are your friends you can edit your friends you can rename you can delete your friends you can move around yes you can add many people and you can invite as many people as you want to that there are no limitations there is no waiting list this app is not closed and all of that so that's pretty cool and then in the top right there is your icon you can tap on your profile you can change your name change your birth date there is no profile picture there is no username you can't add people by username by searching them in the app it's not possible so only we are adding your contact book and inviting people in the bottom if you are not happy you can just delete an account maybe you are concerned about your privacy or your data so your timeline history so you can just remove it here your sort to here you go will delete your data permanently so that's that but yeah you can easily edit your profile by the way this app is also available on google play store on android so that's fun so yeah if your partner has android phone you can easily use it also use android so that's cool because some apps just only have that like some couple apps that are only available on iphone and stuff and then if your partner uses like google pixel or something it's it's not possible to actually use this app then you have support options as i said yeah support at just send your feedback here yeah as i said there are still few bugs here and there and yeah because this app was developed uh more than a year ago then it i don't know if there was a lot of work here but then it skyrocketed through the charts and people discovered more bugs so just make sure to update this app constantly or you can just wait um [Music] yeah by the way we can just go through some reviews and see some most common bugs usually people will just write them in the app store reviews so here is the app and you can see that just 98 ratings so far but of course you will have more and the ratings three point eight out of five um some people are asking for more emotes and more actions as you can see this was the full selection of the actions you could use yeah i agree you probably need more and developers are writing that i will add more asap uh some people um say that the heart rate won't show up so to to have heart rate show up you need to connect the app to apple uh house or google foot feed but also you need to have some kind of a wearable like apple watch for example or some other wearable uh it not you won't count your heartbeat just use the phone so that's the thing and then uh yeah you can see steps in the top left part here i i didn't connect it to my health data but when you create an account you need to confirm that you want to track your heartbeat and steps and then it they will appear in top left and then your partner can see that so that makes this app even more kind of sensible and yeah more fun to use so you can share like your heartbeat with your partner and all of that for some people they don't get notifications so you can always reach out to make sure that your notifications are enabled uh in the settings app and try to download restart the app try to update usually just try to update because there are a lot of bug fixes in every update [Music] so yeah so much potential people are writing this amazing app for distant relationships or if you're traveling somewhere and you just you know uh send in like a text or like some message on instagram or you know somewhere else it's it's fun but it's like so standard like using this app it's much more romantic i think so there howard a lot of people again asking for more emotions [Music] some glitches and so closing size and some people yeah concerned that you can only sign up use the phone number not your email so that's an issue um great app many thanks suggestions um heartbeat and i also tried to sign up and there were a few hours here and there not working but overall that the app is constantly updated these days so there is update after update so just make sure to to upgrade it so yeah that's basically the idea of the app i think uh yeah it comes in line with some other new interesting apps like locket widget or noted app lock it widget basically helps you to install uh widgets on your phone and then you can just send instant photos to your friends note noted we just allows you to send like drawings and notes to your widgets on home screen so these are basically the apps which are really you know minimizing the effort to to communication because like you know to in standard apps like that's just my shots like in facebook messenger or something you need to go open the app tap on the chat and only then you will receive some voice message or some text here you get it instantly your phone starts work brightening or you open like a widget and you see the real time updating image so you you don't need like to do you know like five tabs to get to the message it's instant so that's i think that's one of the future ways to for the app development and uh it's it's really a lot of potential here let's see how facebook instagram um like tick tock are dealing with all of it uh it's really interesting new developments in social media space and there are more and more apps like that i guess like in few weeks there will be similar apps around these touches and actually but of course i think could be me still the best one and there are already trending devices that basically you can buy something not like an apple watch but something similar to fitbit uh by pair of that and then you have an app and you can tap on your feed beat and the other person will receive that tap on on her fitbit it's not fitbit but it's like some similar device in that area so this is basically also the idea of this app that you can communicate without text messages without images videos or voice messages just uh with uh you know with the touches and all these senses so that super cute direction of like of apps definitely will help you out in in your relationship probably if you want to try it out it's for sure it can be a lot of fun if you like it so yeah that's the idea hope you enjoyed this overview subscribe to my youtube channel uh visit my blog i also have a podcast tick-tock channel so thank you for watching like this video and see you in the next videos

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