Only 150 songs in MD Vinyl widget app… How to use new VIBE widget?

so in md vinyl widget app uh there are only like 150 songs available in your trial meaning that if you are using vinyl widget which now is is a premium widget you only have 150 songs and you need to upgrade to premium to play an unlimited number of songs in the widget um so that's what it is and recently they added like y widget which you can use if you want to play like unlimited number of songs but it doesn't have this vinyl effect and so yeah here you can see the differences here on the right you just have wipe widget where you can have unlimited number of songs and on the left side you can have this mdv nearly where you just have kind of rotating we know so i don't know it just depends on the whole idea is that you connect your spotify apple music and then you see the current song which is playing and then on the tab you can just go to that song or you can open mdv nil widget or you can go to to spotify apple music so that's about it

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