PINK NATION app overview

hey everyone so here is this new trending app from victoria secret it's called pin connection join the app and join our super supportive inclusive community uh instant access to members only perks enjoy easy and fun ways to shop turn tons of surprisers and more so yeah let's just try to download it's available on app store i'm not sure if it's available on the on the android so there you have it so it's like pin connection exclusive offers and access from victoria's secret let's just download the app and see how it looks like so you have an idea if you want to use it or not so here is the app here is just how it looks like exclusive offers an access pin connection gives you instant access to members only perks our easiest shopping experience yet and tons of surprises members only offers new plus now pin squad on all of that so let's just open it up you can allow or not a lot of tracking so you can enter the email to continue shopping okay let's just do that you can add your password uh email like mobile is option optional you can use face id and then you can just join and then you can just explore the app so there you have it that's how the app looks like uh there are some badges by unlocked so pink panties 10 for 35 dollars some free shipping and returns on 50 plus orders and then you can use some codes and discounts then you can remember exclusive have member exclusive offers like ten dollars or fifty dollars of two hundred dollars off and all of that uh one eating free later uh so all of that you can earn some discounts and all of that so that's basically it um uh [Music] chill there are some like audio or motivational sounds and some meditation element in this app um and then there is shop so where you can just redirect it to the victoria secret website and then you can show from there then pin squat put pin quad this is basically looks like an instagram and some like um insta feed here so that's the idea and then you have my pink so your account you can manage your account uh you can i guess change your username your profile so you can see your change your sizes uh you can always reach out to support um you can see order status see your gift cards [Music] find the store help and yeah so that's that's basically the idea uh if you have any subscriptions you can also change and delete them from here uh change payments change personal info all of that uh so if you are a fan of victoria's secret definitely try out this app it can be useful just to for to have all these perks and all these discounts and member only opportunities so hope this app can be helpful for you so like and subscribe this video if you didn't know about this app and now you know it and you want to download it so thanks for watching again and see you around                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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