so i'm just going here through the quite popular offer promotion uh revolut with tinder and there is like a trial uh revolut is offering customers and potential customers of tindor in these countries so it's not all around the world uh mostly in europe uh they're so there is an opportunity to sign up to revolut for the first time and receive three months of the tinder gold subscription plan for free but the caveat is that the tinder subscription offer will not be available to you if you already have an active tinder gold and so then also you receive three months free revolut premium so this offer is going on through 2nd of march 2022 to the 2nd of september uh 2022 202 359 gmt and you need to sign up from tinder so you need to open a tinder account so you need to have a free tinder account go there and then you'll basically see a pop-up to sign up revolut and then you need to sign up from revolut clicking clicking on that link so basically you can only use that use that to sign up for revolut for the first time to be eligible you must leave a residential address in this country so there is no u.s or canada here so either receive marketing directly from tinder about this promotion or scissor promotion in tinder app other social media so then you just need to click on the unique link in the app follow the steps for opening revolut personal account with the premium plan and complete know your customer checks be successfully onboarded to revolut and then you must complete all the above steps uh by the end of the promotion period in order to receive the tinder free trial and their words free trial and then uh once all these steps completed you get three months of writing their gold added to your account so there you have it and also you get like a revolut trial [Music] so that's the overview again there is no like link anywhere or you just need to go to your tinder app and get it from there um i actually have that banner that pop up in the tinder app basically uh i can go to like tinder try to open it up maybe you will see that but again okay so i need to reinstall it anyways but again i'm residing currently in denmark so that's why i've seen this offer if you're in us you won't be able to see it uh and another i was just like noticing here tinder and revolut promotion saw and uh and getting so some people say i signed up but i haven't received either and kind of answer anywhere online anyone knows if it's legit or something ah okay so you can also just do your own research on on reddit and just make sure that this is like really legit because there seems to be there are some issues where uh you need to upgrade to premium before getting it i don't proceed to activate premium since there might be cost involved with cancellation uh so that's that uh just try and exactly not sure what to do i'm trying to figure out right now so there you have it i've been waiting 12 days still have not received the code got the email to and set claim off running click on the industry to an app and then it asked me to share my uh just add oops so yeah something around it so as you can see like first you still need to not just use a free trial on revolut it should be premium but and then just read careful that sometimes cancelling revolut premium means that it involves some cost and it can cost you some money not a big amount but still and then and then um yeah like even after that it's it's not working for some people yet so if you have any ideas if you if it's worked for you in the good way and you were able to claim this offer which seems like a nice offer because tinder gold can be pretty like you know it can be expensive so just leave some comments below so to let other people know

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