RightStuff Dating App - what is it?

so what is right stuff dating app so write stuff dating app is for conservatives to connect in authentic and meaningful ways uh it says other dating apps have gone woke we bring people together with shared values and similar passions and it's called the dating app for the right wing so the dating app where you can discover other conservatives and that's basically the idea of it so yeah it's an interesting concept probably you heard there are like twitter-like apps for the right-wing like parlor like you know maybe through social or something like that because there was a consideration that all the major social media like twitter and facebook are a bit left-wing and now there is a trend that uh in addition to all these social media apps also there should be some dating apps so this is the app uh it's not yet released uh you need to sign up for the early access you just need to enter a full name email address and zip code and then you should be notified it should be available somewhere during autumn

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