SPARK app by Moriah Elizabeth - full overview & how to use

SPARK app by Moriah Elizabeth - full overview & how to use

What is Spark app by Moriah Elizabeth?

‎Spark Creative Play
‎Your new creative journey awaits you! Spark is the digital studio to easily bring your creations to life, inspire and be inspired by others, and playfully co-create with fellow sparklers. We believe everyone can be creative! WE MAKE CREATING EASYNo matter how much you create today or what makes …

Your new creative journey awaits you! Spark is the digital studio to easily bring your creations to life, inspire and be inspired by others, and playfully co-create with fellow sparklers. We believe everyone can be creative!



No matter how much you create today or what makes you shine, Spark encourages imagination. With our interactive sparks and creator toolkit, being creative is easy and fun. We even have a few tools you won’t find anywhere else!


Our daily sparks prompt you with inventive ideas for creating. Enter our exciting world designed to fuel your creativity and introduce you to a community of fellow sparklers!


We infuse fun into every corner of our world. Designed in partnership with arts and crafts Creator Moriah Elizabeth, this is your happy place with Opie the cat by your side! Play sparks solo or with friends, and go on adventures while you create.

Get started now to see where your imagination takes you!

Moriah Elizabeth app

Moriah Elizabeth is a famous YouTube creator, who now also built an iOS app!

Moriah Elizabeth
Hey it’s ME (Moriah Elizabeth). FAQ’SWhat editing program do you use? Adobe Premiere Pro CCWhat camera do you film with? Canon EOS 5D Mark IVWhat ethnicity are you? My mom is white, my dad is peruvian/italianHow old are you? 27Did you make Create This Book? Yes! I wrote it, illustrated it and …

Moriah has nearly 8M subscribers.

Designed in partnership with arts and crafts Creator Moriah Elizabeth, this is your happy place with Opie the cat by your side!

Spark Creative Play

Spark app is a Creative Studio, where you can easily create collages and share them with friends.

It is similar to Shuffles app by Pinterest.

Is Spark app available on Android?

At the moment, Spark app is only available on iOS App Store.


How to get moriah elizabeth spark?

You can get it on iPhone via App Store. It is not possible to get Spark app on Android.

in this video we're gonna just go through a quick tutorial of spark creative Play app uh so this app as you can see is spiking through the top charts in the in the Graphics and Design category in your ass app store but yeah it's uh very interesting idea and what else it was uh built by Mariah Elizabeth which is like a famous YouTuber I didn't heard about her before but you can just check out so Mariah Elizabeth's like YouTuber uh so she is doing some create very creative person doing all this like creative makeovers and doing a lot of creative stuff with her hands also on Tick Tock also has her own books and stuff like that so really great Entertainer but now uh she just released this uh spark creative Play app which is pretty cool um and what's the idea of it so uh it sums up in this comment like this app is a hybrid between a drawing app and a community such as different art or Instagram Twitter so first you can just draw on this app and also then it kind of like Instagram or Twitter and then you can share your drawings with other users and you other people can just follow you so this all-in-one experience is ton of fun to explore you're given daily Sparks which are prompts if a blank canvas is too intimidating you're able to post your Finnish pieces to your wall and anyone else is able to see them you can follow people there is Discord server for as far as they're exploring in the community and chatting spark is fun simple to use and a great place for artists to find community uh so yeah cool app uh but anyhow let's just open it up here how it looks like it's very unusual menu it can be a bit confusing but you can just tap on this cat and it's like a helper cat which will guide you so the whole process which I find really interesting so you can uh you can see our daily Sparks in the canvas so that's where you can start creating and drawing yourself uh that where the the bulb icon you can just tap there and that's where there is like a daily inspiration uh what it means like Instagram feed or yeah like all the creators of other of other users uh you can see them and follow them and enjoy them then there is notification about your settings uh numer Morales but Creations you'll be here so that's just her personal page your her profile page on this app and then uh yeah you can explore your own settings so let's just start from here so that's like a canvas so you can just start drawing you can name your picture so let's just draw a flower and then here in the bottom you have all these drawing tools so you can measure you can draw you can Glitz and then you can select yeah just colors so for example I can draw stuff like this and then yeah I I mean I don't have the best drawing skills here guys but for example something like this and of course you can use eraser you can uh yeah you can actually become pretty Advanced because this seems to be basic tools and then you can just save your creation then you can set up the visibility of your creation do you want to keep it private or visible to everyone and then it just saves so to be honest this app recently is a bit slow because probably it's in top charts and I don't know if it's a server side or some backend is actually ready for the influx of user but you see it's a bit loud and it's a bit glitchy however I think I have fast internet um so yeah that's my creations you you can also see uh and save other people's creation so that's where you go to this inspiration button first you have highlighted uh the moriah's creation so she is the the one who built the app and the owner of YouTube channel and then you can see sparkles from the the users you are following and then uh there is also another feature which is called like featured remix which you can add something to to this to this creation so you can collaborate and draw a picture together so something like that so something like that and then you can just save your creation and then you just basically remixed it and put some stuff there yeah so that's basically the idea as you can see it still takes a bit of a time here to save it um okay you you got the idea so that's basically how it works and then you can see again all these featured croatians that's like an Instagram feed from other people and then you can see like actually some users are doing some really Advanced drawings here which is incredible and then you can see yeah it's like pretty Advanced I don't know you and like how you are able to create this kind of advanced image with the tools I just showed you it's pretty cool then you just can see Mariah Elizabeth on a page and you can see her creations so something like that as you can see here yeah so yeah as you can see it's a bit it's a bit glitchy but anyhow hopefully you get the idea and then also in the top left you can see all this active code Creations you can just uh you can tap on them and see what uh yeah which pieces of work you are working together with other people so that's that and then there is your profile you can tap on your profile tap on jira icon settings you can change your password you can request data deletion you can delete your account if you're not happy by choosing to delete your account and data you will no longer be able to use this account and your post data will no longer be accessible your account will become inaccessible immediately and your request to delete your account data will be processed within 30 days so that's basically the idea there is a Discord Community spark is in Discord we want to provide you with a meaningful experience for you to connect with fellow sparklers come join opiate our Discord server you can chat hang out share and help each other out so that's yeah you can report it back you can share a feature idea so it's pretty very well made I have uh super fun to use uh so yeah something like it uh um so yeah what else to share here so really nice uh and and I I'm a bit confused with these shapes so there are like Opposite Day hit the right arrow to more On To The Next Step and then you just follow this prompts and and yeah and then create uh use your own creation so here create using a lot of shape hit the check mark about when you are done so just use a lot of shapes and create what you like and then you can of course change color yeah so stuff like that so you can use shapes you can clear you can use patterns so that's basically the idea so yeah I hope it is helpful that's the app is the app on Android no it's not on Android it's not on Google Play store yet uh unfortunately I was just doing some research it's also quite uh hard to find it here because you need to search bar creative play because there are so many apps called Sparks or like email client and all of that so search for this exact app by create this app developer you can see all the writings with all this app Amazon must have allows this kids are obsessed super cute and fun uh probably this app went well on Tick Tock because it's not it's number one on charts that's what usually happens these days if like teens are like this app they're creating content on Tick Tock and then it just goes viral that's pretty cool um another idea I thought it would be if this app actually has a widget so if you tap on hold and you just search for like Spark there is no widget unfortunately or lock widget like you know there is an app called note it where you can actually create notes and then you can send these notes to your friends uh and there is locket widget where you can send your images so that would be a fun addition Fun addition to this app where you know you created this image and you can send it to your partner or your load one so that's basically that uh yeah I hope this can be helpful that's basically the idea and yeah uh feel free to explore feel free to leave additional comments what do you think about it uh yeah it's super easy to create your account just enter your email and password I'm not sure it's possible to create with Apple ID or Facebook or Google as long as you have iPhone again it's not available on Android then yeah you can just try out this app search for it and give your suggestions thank you for watching

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