‎Shuffles by Pinterest
‎Shuffles is a new app designed for collective collaging. Want to curate a festival outfit? Visualize your dream bedroom? Moodboard your current aesthetic vibe? Or just express yourself by creating something beautiful, strange, or funny? You’ll love Shuffles. * SNAP exactly the objects you want usi…

Shuffles is a new app designed for collective collaging. Want to curate a festival outfit? Visualize your dream bedroom? Moodboard your current aesthetic vibe? Or just express yourself by creating something beautiful, strange, or funny? You'll love Shuffles.

* SNAP exactly the objects you want using the camera

* FIND INSPIRATION in our massive photo library

* CUT OUT objects from an image with a single tap

* LAYER, ROTATE, and RESIZE objects into collages

* ADD ANIMATIONS AND EFFECTS to make your Shuffles pop

* SHARE PRIVATELY with friends to collaborate on creative projects

* REMIX other peoples’ Shuffles to put your own spin on someone else’s creation

Shuffles app tutorial

Here is Shuffles by Pinterest. It's one of the top trending apps right now. I will do a quick tutorial, a quick walkthrough around this app. I finally got in, I was invited. Now I can show you exactly what all the hype is around. I was actually pretty surprised that so many people want to get in this app.

Shuffles is a new app designed for collective collaging. Want to create a festival outfit, visualize your dream bedroom, mood boards, your current aesthetic vibe, you will love Shuffles. You can snap exactly the objects you want using the camera. You can just take photos of the objects and then you can cut them and use them in these collages. You can cut out objects. You can layer, rotate, resize, you can add animations and effects, you can share privately, or you can also send it to other users and friends.

Here in this app is not just about creating and collaging and all of that. It's also just like a social media, you have followers. There is DMs, messaging, chat groups and all of that. It's much more than just a creative like or some collaging app.

Shuffles app is still invite only...

Here I can just go to the app. Basically you can also install a Shuffles via test flight. This way, you will help developers to better understand... Help them to develop it and all of that. That's what I did. But anyhow, let's just open it. Here I just tap on the app. Something is not... Probably just because it's being updated it's open from here. There you have it. Shuffles app. Here we have it.

It's a project by one of the teams behind Pinterest which is like one of the top social media also focused around images and all of that. But this app is about creating collages. You just sign in with your Pinterest account. That's what I did. It's not possible to create an account with Apple ID or Facebook or Google or phone number. So, no, it's only Pinterest account. Again, you need to have invite code, like so many people are looking right now for this invite codes everywhere. But if you want, you can actually find it or just ask your friends. This app is giving more and more invites.

Here there is Shuffle. Then there is like a Feed in the bottom tab where you can discover all other people Shuffles. You can see likes, you can see all comments. You can see other people are reshuffling it. Then I can just swipe and I can see some other users here. I can like in the bottom right, I can actually chat. I can comment here. I can send it. I can send it to my friends, something like that. I can also create groups.

Then if I tap on three dots, I can share a Shuffle link. I can also report it. Different options. Then if I tap on this I can also see other Shuffles from this user. Then if I tap in the top left on Profile, I can just go to the profile. I can see all their followers, I can follow. Then from here I can actually just DM this user. I can just message. That's pretty cool. I don't need to be friends or something.

Actually, can you be friends in this app? As I understand, you can easily follow each other and that's it. There is no like a separate button to become a friend or something like that. There is not a button to just subscribe for updates or something more complex. You're just following each other on this app.

Then if you tap on three dots in top right, you can copy Profile URL. You can block. You can report rofile, copy profile, and then you can also just go to Pinterest profile from here because everyone who creates shuffle all need to have Pinterest account. It's not possible to create without Pinterest, something like that. Then you just enjoy and then you just hang out.

As you can see, the quality of the font is pretty awesome. It just add this really cool vibe and you just can easily create this yourself and add all these effects and it's a super easy app to create this kind of stuff. These are not images. These are not videos like TikTok. This is just all these collages. But we use video elements and all of that. You can also send it to someone as I shown.

Let's just go. Then there are Messages tab where you can create conversations. But let's just try to create our own Shuffle. You just have this plus icon and in the bottom left there are Searches. Of course, they are offering you to search via Pinterest because this is Pinterest app.

Here you just try to find all these different images. You can search also like this. You can just search for some objects and then you can cut it out like that. That's pretty cool. It's like using some AI technology.

Another thing you can do you, can just take a photo. For example just want to take a photo of this pencil right here. I just took a photo of it and then I can again cut it out like this. Then I can just tap Add. That's just a pencil.

Then another tab, I have some random background and some other images which are probably some popular images right now which I can also add here. As you can see is pretty cool. There are really nice and smooth. It feels very easy to use and you can really play with it. It feels really addictive. You can see the pencil... Everything is being cut through really nicely and feels amazing.

Also, this is your History tab, next one and then there is just a link to your Pinterest account where you can use your own pins. But this is my Pinterest account. Actually, I have more than 80,000 followers on Pinterest, so feel free to follow and all of that.

Then I also have... You can also add some text. You can change different fonts, you can change like this, you can change color and then you can change background. Then you can just move it around. Then you can just draw. You can select different types of pen, pencil, or brush. There you have it. Then also, you can just tap in this right side bar and then there are all these different effects which you can use. All these effects can be used here like that. I can just select and then you can see this retro effect.

Then you can just use arrow in the top right here. Then basically what you can do, you can just post to your profile. To your Shuffles profile. This is not a Pinterest image. It's not yet posted on Pinterest. Of course you can decide to post it on Pinterest as well.

Then you can just add hashtags from here and then I can just post it. There you have it, now it's being posted. That's basically it. Now I have it here and other people can like it. I can send it, can reshuffle. I can also delete my own Shuffle. I can add a description. I can export. I can probably share it somewhere in... I can send it to friends. Then there is a chat and then I can share with a group name. There are all these cards. That's basically the idea.

That's how it's working, you can see the types of images here. Then there is like conversations and you can easily message someone even without being friends. As you can see, you can also tap Follow and follow someone from here. Then you can just message. You can tap in top right and then search friends and groups. You can create different groups you can create this group. You can then just use it as WhatsApp group or anything. Then there are... You can see members, you can leave group, you can delete it. That's basically that.

What else is here? That's basically an overview. Then also you have just your account. Of course you can just like it. You can comment.

Then here is your own account. Then in top right, you have three dots where you have all the settings where you can share the app. If you want, you can delete your account and data. That's how you just delete your account. You can log out, you can share the app, you can get help, reach out to their support and send some feedback.

Probably there will be quite a few bugs because this app is really going viral. There are literally probably millions of users signing up trying to get in and probably there might be some issues with servers and stuff like that. Usually it happens.

In the top right, you also have your activity and notifications, and then you have this letter icon. So this is the really important part. This is where you can share your invitations to Shuffle. How does it work? You just click there and then you have Shuffle in invite code. You can share up to five in white codes and that's it. Then each of your friends you invited can also share five codes each. That's basically the idea. That's how it is working. That's basically it.

What else? I think this is an amazing app, feels really nice. Feels very minimalistic. There is nothing extra where you can feel sometimes lost in the app and you just don't know where to start. It's very simplistic, well designed. I think, great product and a lot of like social media elements and all of that.

The one thing, of course, is that they are building up hype and there are hundreds of thousands of people who want to get in. But you just need an invite code and everyone is just looking for that.

Ratings and reviews 4.1 out of 5. That's not the highest yet. It would be great if it says... It would be great if you could see the Shuffles previously, doesn't work. App doesn't get working. Who wants to send me... I've been on the wait list so long. A lot of people are really on the waitlist. I didn't know if you just sign up using invite code, you will be on the waitlist, I didn't know. How long does it take? It can be months some time for apps, it might be even a year or something.

A lot of people are really complaining that it's invite only, but that's what it is. That's why right now everyone is just talking about it, because this app created the hype around it. Otherwise, probably people just wouldn't notice. That might be smart, maybe not. But that's just a quick preview. I hope you enjoyed it. That's how it works.

Feel free to leave some hidden features and suggestions and comments. What did I miss? I still just trying this app, trying to learn this app, trying to understand how to use it in the best waynd. Hope you enjoyed it. Like and subscribe. Visit my blog, Check out my TikTok.

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