Stripe Dashboard iPhone app overview

hello so here is stripe dashboard app as you can see it's in the top chart in business category um and then yeah it's really handy especially if you like using your phone like as i do i actually switch to a lot of apps from desktop to mobile i just use youtube studio on mobile i use google analytics on mobile just you know upload some youtube videos from mobile and the same with stripe actually instead of like you know going through the desktop you just can use the basic very basic functionality of the stripe app which is called stripe dashboard so that's the app and i will just show you how it looks like and all the features so i can just open the app yeah i set up here the touch id and here is how it works it's very simplistic very like easy to use so to create like you don't need to create an account here obviously because you need to have an account in stripe so you just log in here and then it will ask you for confirmation with your mobile number so then you have home tab here then you have all these graphs you see your gross volume net volume successful charges new customers average revenue per customer and all of that in top right you can see charts so you can see what you want to include or then you can just add more charts um such as mostly recording revenue average revenue per subscriber churn drive in your lifetime value new subscribers and all of that then in top left are your icons there are settings where you have your stripe accounts you can enable touch id as i did already you can set your preferred mail client you can reach out to support here yeah you can basically that's how it works then there are payments so you can yeah you can see here all the successful chargers and all of that and then you can just create a payment like at a description customer and then just next select currency when you enter a card or select a save card hosted email your customer a hosted invoice with stripe invoicing so that's basically it so you can easily generate invoices from this app then you can just see your customers you can also add a customer like name account email description then you can see your balance all the payouts here how they're going and then you can just search for some like you know details some information so that's basically how how this app works and i think with this app if there is a new customer you can just enable notification uh when yeah when there is a new charge a new customer it will appear as a notification on like you know in your notification center but for me that feature didn't work somehow i don't know why so i just want to stripe notifications maybe you can just uh just edit them here so yeah you can try it out like that so yeah that's the idea so yeah i hope this overview of the stripe dashboard app was helpful there is also another app which is called stripe express so here it is track your earnest real time see upcoming payouts understand key trends about your cash flow manage your earnings access and update your tax forms um track the money you earn from creator geek platforms that partner with stripe viewer available balance see upcoming payouts and all of that so you can also use this app but um here you need to have a stripe express account which i think is a it's a this is a different app actually so i couldn't sign in with my strap account to stripe express so that's basically it um so hope this quick overview of stripe dashboard app was helpful thank you for watching

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