TikTok - NOT INTERESTED setting overview (Video)


If you don’t like a video you have just seen in TikTok – you tap Not interested. After that, you will see less similar videos in your TikTok feed.

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How to find Not interested setting in TikTok?

While watching a video, tap on Share icon in the bottom right.

In the bottom part of the menu, you will see Not interested with a broken heart icon.

TikTok not interested

Alternative way

Tap and hold on TikTok video and you will see this menu pop up.

tiktok not interested popup

You can tap more and there are two options:

  • Hide videos from this user
  • Hide videos with this sound

TikTok not interested

Just select one of the options. That’s it – now you will see less content either with this user or this sound in your TikTok feed.

Hope it was helpful!


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