TikTok - Screen time dashboard & screen time breaks feature

so heuristic talk and there is a feature which is called screen time dashboard and screen time breaks so you can review your weekly time on tick tock and get reminded to take breaks from the app so here you can actually see uh like you can see daily screen time get notified when you reach your time on tick tock so you can select if i you spent more than 60 minutes on on tick tock you'll be notified screen time breaks schedule a break tailor experience schedule break you can just customize if you want to have a break after watching tik tok after 30 minutes you can select weekly screen updates to see [Music] to see how much time you spend in your inbox restricted mark limit potentially inappropriate content so you can do that and then here you can see this week you can see how many times uh app opened and how much time you spend in the app so this is what you can do so that's that so hope this is helpful

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