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TMTG corp - what is it?
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What is TMTG corp? How Trump wants to compete with CNN, FOX News, Netflix and Disney+?

TRUTH Social app - what you need to know
Listen to the podcast: What is TRUTH Social app?When will it be available and how to get it?Trump also launches video streaming service - TMTG to compete with Fox News and OANN. What are the implications?TRUTH Social is a social media app, developed by Trump. This app


Hello, everyone. So in this episode, let's talk more about TMTG Corp. Which is organization which was created by Trump. I already created another episode of the podcast about Truth social app. So it's basically a social media app similar to Parlor or Rumble, which basically looks like Twitter and which will be a place for more like right wing people to discuss their ideas and so on.

Because as you probably might have seen that, there are a lot of apps like main social media apps like Twitter and Facebook.

More conservative people are basically moved out from these apps.

Therefore, it created a new vibe in technology where there is like a new separate try between media and apps. And this is a new technology wipe. There are a bunch of apps which are created there and which user base and which valuation is growing. So you can mention Rumble. So Rumble recently acquired Locals.

Com, which is another app in this area.

There is also Parlor and some other apps around that. But there is also this Trump media and technology group. So Tmtg, it's not only through social app, it is also kind of like a media Corporation which plans to have its own news service to compete with Fox News. It wants to compete with Disney Plus, with CNN to have its own streaming service. So it's the whole Corporation.

And there are some news statements. So you can see statements from October 26. That last week I announced the creation of a major new company that will change the dominance of the big tech Giants and the big media bosses. Today. I want to explain more about what I'm doing and why this is about saving our country.

Trump is saying that take on a big tag censorship. We are creating a big tent platform through social. We are inviting people of all political stripes and all different key points to come and participate once again in the Great American debate. That's what our country is supposed to be about. Unlike the big tax platforms, there will be no shadow banning struggling demonetizing or messing with algorithms for political manipulation.

You will not be treating users like lab rats for social experiments or liability alternative used as this information.

It will be as vibrant, lively, and diverse as America itself. And true social is only the beginning of our plans. And here Tmtg is basically Trump Media and Technology group. We'll be also launching an on demand video streaming service that competes with increasingly woke and politicized entertainment programming created by big tech and big media players. Tntg also sees opportunities to create cancel proof alternatives in other key areas, ranging from web services to payment processing.

In the end, a small number of powerful people Fulsing the Simon wish to silence anyone who differently cannot be trusted to control almost every major media, technology and entertainment company in America. I'm determined to break the chocolate over the voices of the American people, not just for myself and my own supporters, but for the United States of America. So there you have it basically here. He says. There also will be some streaming services and also payment processing and all of that.

You can also buy this stock because they announced like a Spaghett deal.

It's called DVAC, and it has been on a while try since the announcement spiking from about $10 to as much as $175 and then just going back to $60 today quickly classes in Meme stock bar market watchers. It promises to be volatile at least for a while as details of the company and its plan surface.

So you can buy shares of this pack and solve like any new stock. I was just like listening to all the all in podcast and some episodes like Jamas and Steel Bars.

They were just talking that basically Trump is back in the game because this company was at some point when the stock was so high, it was valued already like at 20 billion or something. So with that amount of guys, they can do basically whatever they want to do, they can acquire a smaller niche right in social media apps like Rumble. So Rumble, I think has like 30 million user base already. Rumble is like a video app. Locals.

Dot com is kind of like Patreon subscription app. There is Parlor and all of these apps I can just acquire and be like a big media company on the right side of the spectrum in us. So that can be interesting.

Do you like Trump or not? It can be just interesting in like a sync to monitor here.

So there you have it.

So I was just listening to these ideas from all in podcast from Fredburg and from Chamato. Was there thinking about it, but it won't be easy. There is an article on Force which says Trump's Tmtg has huge hurdles to overcome because Trump is trying to create a subscription offering similar to Netflix or Disney Plus. But yeah, this app is available to preorder. It's not available yet, and the app was just basically a copy from some GitHub or some open source website.

So there is no original code somewhere.

Yeah. So basically it can be extremely difficult for Tmtg to build a large enough organization in a short time frame to support these offerings, and therefore the stock price.

Because what if Amazon or Microsoft Azure like AWS, they don't want to support these services. What happens then?

There is still a known ability to capture a large number of users. The presentation points that Trump had a total of 146 and .5 million followers, composed of 89 on Twitter, 33 million Facebook and 24.5 on Instagram.

But these numbers the idea is that you can monetize and capture all these users in Tmtg group.

The presentation also includes just under one sort of people survived by the Hill would use a Trumpbacked social media platform.

So there you have it.

So it can be pretty hard to monetize and to capture all these millions of followers. Maybe Trump actually was a bit too late with that. But anyways, let's just on tmtg what do you think about? Let's catch in the next episode.

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