TRUTH Social app - what you need to know

TRUTH Social app - what you need to know

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Trump Social Media, Truth Social Pr...
Trump Social Media, Truth Social Preview
  • What is TRUTH Social app?
  • When will it be available and how to get it?
  • Trump also launches video streaming service - TMTG to compete with Fox News and OANN. What are the implications?

TRUTH Social is a social media app, developed by Trump. This app should be available to a selected number of people around November 2021.

App description

This is what it says on App Store description page.

TRUTH Social is America’s “Big Tent” social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.
Follow the TRUTH!
What exactly is TRUTH Social’s “Big Tent” approach?
Big Tent is a new way to describe “inclusivity” in America. Think of a giant outdoor event tent at your best friend’s wedding. Who’s there? The combination of multiple families from all over the United States, and the world. Uncle Jim from Atlanta is a proud libertarian. Aunt Kellie from Texas is a staunch conservative. Your cousin John from California is a die-hard liberal. And guess what? They’re all together to have an amazing time and share their viewpoints of the world. Although we don’t always agree with each other, we welcome these varied opinions and welcome the conversation.
Let your voice be heard. Sign up, join the conversation, and share your unique opinion by posting a TRUTH, Re-TRUTH, photo, news story, or video link to communicate with your friends, customers, and the world. Stay informed about breaking news while staying directly connected with the people who influence you – don’t be shocked if they take your TRUTH viral!
Key Features
Profile - Express your unique personality by setting up a profile, avatar, and background. Begin to track your personal connections through follower and following counts as well as history for your posts and likes.
TRUTH Feed - Get the scoop on the latest thoughts and activities from the people, organizations, and news outlets that interest you. The TRUTH Feed contains posts from all those you follow brought to life with the help of thumbnail photos, links, and more.
Search - TRUTH Social really starts to become interesting as you connect with others. Search for a voice that you find interesting and easily follow them right from the search list or view their profile first before deciding.
Notifications - Stay engaged as you build a following. See who’s following you and who’s interacting with your TRUTH’s.

How to install?

You can now pre-order install of TRUTH Social on App Store.

App should be available on February 21 2022.

It is possible to get access to the app earlier in November, if you get up in the waiting list.

To sign up for the waiting list, just go to and fill the form.

Here is the full preview of the app.

Here is another preview

Apart from the app, Trump is also launching TMTG video streaming service to compete with FOX News or OANN.


Is TRUTH Social on Android?

TRUTH is only available for pre order on iOS.

When is TRUTH Social app out?

Official release date is February 21 2022.

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Podcast transcript

Hey everyone so in this episode of mrhackio podcast, let's talk about his breaking news, which is that Trump is launching a new social app which is called through social.

So Trump Media and Technology Group, former President Donald Trump's campaign announced on Wednesday, the launch of a new social network now, through social, a better version will be available to invited guests in November and the nationwide rollout is expected in the first quarter 2022 According to a press release, the company says its mission is to create the rival to the liberal media consortium and fight back against the big companies of Silicon Valley.

So, yeah, probably just, it's just the part of the strength of course you know that the Trump is out of Facebook and Twitter. And there were a bunch of apps like borrower, got her Rambo video or something like that. Basically, these are some niche, apps, and then there was some group of fried people who created their communities and audiences on these apps.

Then these apps got a lot of traffic so was famously just pulled out of the App Store and Google Play Store. Some other apps as well and was relaunched on the website, but it actually never got back that traction, it got in summer 2000 2001 The app is just wasn't the top charts in the US App Store along with like, tick tock and Instagram. So yeah so nationwide rollout of this through social app is expected in the first quarter of 2020 to those interested in joining this app may now visit through social did come to the invite for in whitelist.

So you can just go to this website, sign up for invite and maybe you will get to use it in November, but it's probably the official release date for the app is February 21 2022 So if you just go to search Albert counter it's just like a forum there, follow the truth through social is America's Big Time social platforms that encourages an open, free and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology. And then you can just order on the App Store, there is like a big button there on the website. And yeah, so you can just throw there an app. It's only iOS apps there is no Android app at this moment. And then if you just open that link, you can just prove either an app or that means you don't need to buy anything, it means that when the app is available on February 21 It will be just automatically downloaded to your device.

So, yeah, that's basically the idea. If you go to the app description on the app store, they just tried to clarify here, the big time approach so big time is a new way to describe inclusivity in America, seeing profit giant outdoor at one time at your best friend's parent who is there the combination of multiple families from all over the United States and the world. Uncle Jim from Atlanta is proud libertarian on California taxes is conservative, your cousin John from California is diehard liberal, and guess what, they're all together to have an amazing time and share their viewpoints of the world are so we don't always agree with each other, we welcome this variety of opinions, and welcome to the conversation.

Let your voice be heard, sign up, join the conversation. So that's the idea, and that's called the Big Time approach as they call it here. So the key features of the app is just that you have your profile, you have your trust feed. You just have search. And all of that. So, basically, like very minimalistic design, it's simple to Twitter, all these apps, like Pilar get heard of just have similar design, it looks like Twitter, basically. But of course there is like a different community there on these apps. So yeah, that's that's the app. Yeah, it's this news are like, what is viral.

And there is also, apart from that, there is another launch subscription video service DMT j plus. That will feature entertainment programming news podcasts, and all of that so similar to our CNN, Fox News Newsmax have that so it's kind of like a separate media company. And then, Trump's new company was formed using a special purpose acquisition company or SPAC.

So this is a video streaming service. So yeah, I guess it's like, because there is a big demand there is like a big niche in that area for the sound media company. So that's that just interesting to see how it evolves. And this Apple TV, was the first project of the Trump Media and Technology Group, which again, released on the NASDAQ through a merger is digital world. Acquisition Group. And the transaction wireless DMT G at 1.7 billion, according to announcement tweeted by the board spokeswoman list Harrington. So this is basically like big media corporation. And this new company list plans private membership at Mar a Lago as its address. Yep, that's about it. So what are your thoughts, guys. What do you think of this, this will sound like this breaking news. So catch up in the future episodes.

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