hello everyone so uh here is the app uh it's called vaga themes icons and widgets so there are a lot of these apps which are getting pretty trendy right now hundreds of beautiful themes icons and widgets create your own home screen widgets that are customizable in style all icons at once share and import the widgets dark mode to go easy on eyes and all of that so that's basically the idea as you know like you know sometimes can be a bit boring and even like compared to android uh it's much less customizable like all the icons all the widgets and all of that and on the one hand it's good because yeah you just have like well polished design but then it can just become really boring so in this app we offer you the best themes icons and videos for your home screen make it yours with hundreds of uniquely designed themes and widgets never before seen content the best widget editor and all of that uh so that's the app it's as you can see it has over 7000 ratings number two in chart for graphics and design and then let's just open the app and let's see how it works and you know just the overview of the app and here we can see it just takes some time for this app to load uh yeah this kind of apps usually are pretty large in size so yeah static themes unique icons custom widgets um choose your interest so okay let's just choose my interest just a second we are personalizing content for you then there is a pop-up unlimited seams icons and pictures without ads 0.8 per week or 4.99 per week and then you can just see all these seams here like the widgets being classic so for example if i want to install this classic theme swipe horizontal to navigate swipe down to exit preview mode so yeah and then okay i can just see here how it will look like and then i can just tap setup and then i will see that all icons which i have on my device will be synchronized with these icons and then they will be just set down like this and yeah so that's pretty interesting you can see here so i have a lot of apps so here you can see among all the of the apps this is what it looks like and then i can just type install selected icons so that's that and then there are just movies and then wallpapers dark tones winter sports and then there are icons so different tabs and different themes christmas classic colorful dark background flat color futuristic then there are widgets so here you can just see all these widgets and then there is like a community discord reddit um and then at uh if you want to add a widget you can just tap and hold and then you can just add a wago widget something like that so it's similar as you add any other widget on iphone so that's the idea basically um that's the app overview yeah sims is like very nice to use minimalistic app and hope that can be helpful

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