Widgetable Plants/Garden - how to use? Full guide

The Vegetable app has introduced a new feature called garden or plant widgets. In this guide, we will explore how to use these widgets and what makes them interesting. The Vegetable app has gained popularity in the app charts due to its innovative lock screen and home screen widgets. It further gained attention with its pet widgets feature, allowing users to grow virtual pets on their phones and share them with friends. In addition to pet widgets, the app also offers garden widgets.

When you open the Vegetable app, you will find two options: pets and garden. The garden section allows you to grow plants directly on your screen, which is a fascinating concept. Tapping on the garden option will display all available plant widgets. You can browse through the plant gallery, shop for plant care packages, including seeds, fertilizers, and plant props.

To start growing a plant, select a plant widget, and if you have a free seed available, you can plant it. The plant will go through four stages: seeds, fruits, seedling, and maturity. You can watch your plant grow and also see mature plants as well as plants that have not been taken care of and have withered.

If you wish to save your plant widget as a home screen or lock screen widget, you can tap on the three dots in the top right corner and select "Save to widget." This will allow you to install the widget, even while the plant is still growing. You can name the widget and customize it by selecting different widget styles.

To install the widget on your Android device, tap the plus button, search for "widgetable," and add the widget. Make sure to select the same size as the one you initially saved. You can then edit the widget and choose a plant style. This will display the plant and indicate when it will sprout. To speed up the growth process, you can install widgets, such as the greenhouse widget, which provides automatic care and accelerates plant growth. Please note that certain features may require an upgrade.

The app provides information about plant care, including watering, sunlight, pest control, and weed control. You can speed up the growth process by using various plant care packages such as basic fertilizer. The app also offers a shop where you can find free plant care packages and a gallery to explore different plant options.

In addition to the garden feature, the Vegetable app offers a range of lock screen and home screen widgets, wallpapers, and other interactive features. The app has gained popularity thanks to its pet widgets, which allow users to engage in interactions such as sending pets to friends, co-parenting, and hatching eggs. The app also provides a variety of other widgets, including weather, countdown, health, and time.

If you have any questions or need support, you can find assistance in the app's support section. The Vegetable app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, so give it a try if you're interested in exploring these unique widget features.

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