WIZZ GOLD - should you upgrade?

so should you upgrade to his gold so it's a premium version in the Visa app where you have some additional benefits so it's it's 6.99 per week pretty expensive but there is also monthly option uh there's three months so it gives you five free super chats every week so meaning you can send a chat and then it will be like stand stand out from other chat requests one about chat every week don't waste time and send message to 100 people at once you can hide ads what else here all secret chats revealed see every profile message you received secretly unlimited rewind so that's similar to Tinder rewind Unleash Your profile unlock videos and got up to 10 media instead of three free boost every week Visa number one profile for 30 minutes so it's kind of like the features similar to Tinder but yeah that's that's it there is no free trial just in case so it's not possible to try it for free like for three days and then cancel it it's not possible so that's what it is so monthly 9.99 and that's it

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