Wonder - AI Art generator - how to create account & use the app?

here is interesting app which is called wonder air generator maybe you've heard about dream by wumbo app that was another viral app and seems this is like an alternative for that turn words into mesmerizing digital artworks all you need to do is enter a prompt pick an art style and watch wonder bring your idea to life in second you can ask wanderer to paint for your poems song lyrics movie characters star signs monuments you can share it you can explore new styles you can use it at your home screen lock screen and all of that and yeah like this app is using some ai models which are becoming super powerful recently and this app yes you can see it's just basically seems like it's a copy of uh dream by womba app but maybe it's just using some other technologies and stuff like that so we can just tap to open it up and see why it's becoming popular so here the app is opening up you can ask it to track or not it's just depends and then you can just tap to get started so for example i want to select and then it's just generating the image for me so that's about that that's like the concept of this app and you can see like still the images are not that precise um like ai technology is getting better and better but it's not sometimes it's not yet in that point where you can generate like photography like images just from some text but something like that you can try it out there is a free trial and then also check out another app which is called dream by vombo which is looking quite similar so here it is so this is the original app dream by wumbo and now there are like so many alternatives but this one this app is pretty pretty good uh but now there is also this wonder ai app um so yeah hope that is helpful check it out

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