ZALO APP - overview & how to use

hello so here is zolo app uh so yeah this is the app uh where you can just do video chats it's a new messaging app for video chats and it's popular in vietnam but suddenly it's also entered like uh the us app store uh and yeah it's it's i think it soon will be like in 200 apps i think it's top 300 apps in the us app store so that's interesting uh yeah so with the help of this app you can do all these video calls you can do group chat you can do shared media you can do timeline you can message your friend in a snap you can express your emotion with functional emoticon and stickers find and get acquainted with friends near beside group messages share your location high level of privacy and then you just have some explanation in vietnamese there are only 500 ratings so far 3.4 out of 5 average writing and then there are some like people telling that you use that some people can't open the app there are some issues but overall okay let's just explore the app see how it might work i'll just go and share for you so you can have an idea of this app so here you just have two options where you can just you know log in or register uh so that's quite standard so let's just register there is also vietnamese version so here i can just enter this and then you can just add your phone number so there are all these countries available and then you just need to confirm the phone number so here i have it in the and then you can allow your location you can select your gender you can select your birthday uh not sure if i you can change it later so then you can just take photo so you can give access to your camera so something like that then just tap done and tap next you can give access to your contacts you can allow notifications all of that and that's basically it you just created an app so now you have the discovery field where you can discover uh all these different groups and yeah all of that so timeline your profile so there you have it that's how it might works and there are settings [Music] content security so that's basically the app you can add contacts or add the close friend okay i don't know probably you just need to search for friends like if you just search here let's see what happens um so you can just go to discover so that's probably also some groups or something like that um and then you can just message people and yeah all of that so hope this is helpful

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