ZeeTok - meet & chat app - how to create an account? App overview

here's interesting app d-pad so yeah I can just tap get and let's just explore this this app there are so many apps in this category like where you can you know have the spiritual chats and random chats just sometimes be careful which apps are using some of them can be like quite spammy and all of that not high quality Just Apps developed to stay there for one month and then just they will they are gone but anyhow some of these apps are fun to use uh so yeah uh 10 plus million users worldwide the 200 000 matches daily you can chat you can share daily life you can express yourself uh and all of that so just open the app here and then you can just easily create an account with apple Facebook Google Snapchat or your phone number so there you have it and then here you can just provide your information uh Jenner cannot be modified after registration and then you can enter mutation code you can create on our Target card and there you have it your account is now being created um so yeah something like that hope this is helpful

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