Zello Walkie Talkie - WHAT IS IT? APP OVERVIEW

in this video we're gonna go through a quick overview of dala walkie-talkie which is one of the top high Pile app Alternatives and yeah this app dollar was uh was in business for a while I think they created the setback from 2007. and this app has more business angle like wire harpal is more like a social media app zalo is used in real businesses so zalo is number one digital two-way radio app is over 150 million users in over 200 countries Frontline workers teams and Community stay connected 7 productive and zala turns your phone into a walkie-talkie that works anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to internet so drivers taxi and delivery dispatchers construction workers Enterprise Fleet managers allow using data to locate their team members communicate critical information and get work done so yeah like the the main trick with this walkie-talkie apps is that it is for real like faster than texting in some occasions Millions more use that instead of texting or calling for private chats with a friend for a live group called Visa family to coordinate rules on hiking Adventure or to set up a soccer practice talk with free live voice over any carrier or Wi-Fi connection and Crystal Clear quality organized Communications in channels of up to 6000 users and then also you can use normal Communications with your messages and all of that free with no ads so yeah it's like as I understand sometimes it's just faster to click the button and then it it puts your speaker on instantly and that's it and it's just faster than going to keyboard uh tapping on the keyboard for example imagine you are construction worker you are wearing some gloves in some situations texting is like super uh cumbersome like and uh sometimes calling is also complicated because you need to go to the app select the contact or type the number and yeah all of that so that's why there's this walkie-talkie apps like Xylo and highpal so here is Dalo basically super easy to use here is some tests how it might work so here I'm just hello hello hello I'm just talking here I'm just hello hello hello and then it's just an uh like a test mode how it might work then you can see messages in top right you can reply what you can do what you can do here I'm just hello hello uh yeah you can repeat all these messages then in bottom left you have this uh also like Bluetooth where you can transmit uh to airplay or to iPhone speaker here I'm just hello hello play this you can check connection quality so that's basically how it works and yeah so that's the idea um that to add a new chat or something so you can just tap and plus and okay that's how you create a group conversation to add a new friend just tap on Plus in the top right and then search for the other contact and then you can just search for any username uh basically also in another video I created an overview how to create an account here and then you just tap add on this account and then you will see that this is the request sent for this account uh so that's that um so that's that you can see requests and then you can pin your contacts you can favorite you can delete your contacts and then you also have Channel channels similar as you have in slack or Microsoft teams or some other chat apps where you can have like this group conversations you can go to specific Channel uh you can as mute Channel you can add people here connected disconnected can add conversations there you can tap on plus and top right you can create a new channel or you can just also add by channel name so that's that then you can type in your top profile and top left and then change your status if you like you can be available solo receive live message from selected contacts only others are saved to history busy offline uh you can do that then there are your accounts you can add many accounts actually here then there are settings um so you can see audio settings there are pretty Advanced tools here with audio uh like in highpal app it's it's not that advanced it's just more focused on social media and messaging and all of that push the talk buttons history themes support and yeah so that's basically the idea and then if you tap on your account scroll to the bottom basically you can delete account easily so that's what you can do in this app yeah so that's the idea uh that's how it works um yeah so you have channels you have reasons uh that's basically that uh so yeah that's basically the idea of the app hope it is helpful

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