here's an app called All My Links so let's just try to yes to describe it how it works all your links in one place there are similar apps like link 3 but I find this app also really nice and easy to use and it's grown in the top charts so the whole purpose of these apps is that you can link your Instagram Twitter Snapchat YouTube or any other website in in one place uh you're in complete controls there are never any ads on your profile so let's just open it up here how it looks like you can easily sign up with your Apple ID yeah here is how it looks like here's my profile I can change Prof I can edit profile change profile picture change username and you can change steam car about uh something like that um my stats so here you can see profile settings then you can see account settings uh yeah you can delete your account if you want but anyhow let's just go to the main functionality so you can just add links here you have your website Instagram Discord only fans NGL Snapchat Pinterest SoundCloud then you have payment apps like buy me a coffee one more Patron coffee GoFundMe cash up and then you have your main contacts so yeah as you can see this app has more links than other apps especially all this new trending apps uh so yeah I can just add like okay so something like this yeah and then you can see all of the notifications here um bookmarks messages and then you can see your profile your bio um yeah so that's basically the idea then there is your QR code which you can share and then uh yeah you can be shared to other people and it's super handy actually because uh yeah it's super easy to have all these links in one place and you can see the app looks pretty clean nothing extraordinary very minimalistic and easy design uh and yeah it's it's free there are no ads and it's easy to use compared to link three so

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