Are there separate widgets for each friend in Widgetshare app?

hello everyone so here is interesting app widgets here which i think is a amazing alternative to lock it widget or noted so other separate widgets for each friend so exactly here you can easily create a new widget and each widget is basically can become a separate widget for each of your friends um so then you can just do that new widget and then you okay you need to select some image from your gallery and only after that you will be able to basically create this widget so then you just tap send and then then your image is being uploaded then you can just share it as you want and this is just a separate widget for this friend or for this group of people so then anyone who goes like here and you just need to share this widget i did to anyone and they will then need to go to video connect the friends widget and then just enter widget id here and then they will be able to add this widget and usually why as you add any other widget just do all the apps and then just search for video chair and here like this widget will be uh yeah basically you can just tap and hold and then edit widget and then here you can just select which of the friends widgets you want to display so as you can see this one and then it will show you the image from there so that's yeah so there you have it so that's the idea um so yeah you can add separate videos for separate friends or groups of people in widget share so that's amazing

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