BEEM - Video and audio calls - app overview

here is this app called beam video and audio calls so if you just tap cat we can try to install it it's clamping into the top charts so just interesting to see how this app looks and why it's getting a bit more popular um these are all the time all these attempts to create some new interest in social media app so here we're just exploring it together here foreign beam is the ultimate communication and productivity app for Boss personnel and business use with its Rich mastering experience high quality audio and video calls and AR video filters personal users will enjoy a unique and fun way to communicate with friends and family so let's just open it up hey Beamer then you can see all these accounts Hi friend and then you can just create your account like that and then yeah you can just enter your name I don't know if it's your name or it's your username and there you have it now you you just created an account and okay so it kind of looks very similar to to Whatsapp or to Telegram yeah maybe just like a WhatsApp so yeah then you can just uh have these messages uh there are all these contacts you can add contacts to our calls and all of that so maybe it's kind of like a WhatsApp app but for specific origin you know in some countries there of course WhatsApp and all these apps are like Global but in some countries people just like specific apps to their region so maybe that's just one of those apps so yeah definitely give the try

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