so can you have multiple people unnoted uh let's explore it here's i have my noted app i'll just open it up i already have an account here yeah and then uh you can just send my first noted uh but yeah okay let's just sign out so you sure you want to sign out and there you have it so then i'll just sign up i can sign up with apple or i can just sign in uh and then and yep so here how you can enter your partner's code um so it's not possible to add many codes as you can see here as i understand how this app works so at this moment it is only possible to add one person uh you can't add like a separate widget for separate friends at this moment there are a lot of requests like to do it uh but it's just not working so like what you need to do is just you know add this partner's code which is the code of your friend or yeah and then just tap link but you can add multiple codes uh it's not possible unfortunately at this moment i tried everything i tried to install multiple widgets all of that it just doesn't work you can add multiple friends unlock it widget you can add on widget share but now here this is like a solo developer app and probably they will ship this update quite soon so there you have it um so yeah that's the idea basically hope it was helpful

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