So Chai app won't let me log in. I also had the same issue. I'm just reading the reviews from these people. It gives me a loading screen with no other buttons and loads continuously. Tried clicking around the screen and it gave me the option to log in with Google. I clicked [inaudible 00:00:19] and it just continues to load, and gave me the option to log in with Google again. I tried a second time and it still didn't work. Got the option to log in with Apple and that also didn't work and restarted that two, four times, still doesn't work. Downloaded, all of that.

So I think that issue was fixed after recent updates. So if you just go to App Store and update the app, you will finally see the login buttons first. I also didn't see any login buttons, then I started to see them, and then you actually can create an account with them. I hope that can be helpful.

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