Chai - chat with AI bots - HOW TO USE? FULL OVERVIEW

Hello, everyone. Here is Chai app - Chat with AI bots. In this video, I will just do a quick overview. Hair one. I'm on our YouTube channel mrhackio, and very often I just do quick overviews of amazing apps.

Today, let's take a look at the Chai app, which started to climb into the charts in the US App Store. I think this is amazing, interesting app. I actually use something similar. I used the Replika app, where you can just chat with another bot. And it was pretty precise.

Anyhow, let's just take a look here. As you can see, it's in the top charts right now. Just only over 300 ratings, 4.1 average rating. What you can do is swipe chat with the AI, basically just chat with bots.

Discover Chai. From your morning cup of tea to brushing your teeth at night, Chai has the conversations to make your day, whether you are chatterbox, or tech fanatic, or simply looking for a laugh, there is something for everyone. Enjoy a never-ending stream of AIs you will love to chat with. You can swipe. You can chat.

Simply swipe to start. Chat with AIs you like, skip ones you don't. Swipe to your heart's content. A personalized streams of AIs based on what you like, who you speak to and which conversations you engage with the most.

This is the app. I tried to create an account yesterday. It didn't work yesterday for me. I didn't see any buttons, and I had some bugs and all of that. Just bear in mind that this app for me is still a bit buggy, and there are some issues.

I think also developers acknowledge that that at the moment, it's a bit buggy. Because probably, it will be fixed soon. But anyhow, here are some users, just some bots.

I can just chat with them, and then you will just see some replies. Sometimes the replies can be very robotic, but sometimes it feels okay. As I said, I already tried to use Replika app, and in there you chat with your virtual girlfriend or virtual partner just to test the app. It felt pretty natural. I think, of course, AI technology, machine learning will improve over time.

That's not quite relevant response. I can add different images. I can just add different text. But at this moment, I think because the app search in the App Store, it's a bit slow and buggy. I don't think the app was prepared for this search in users.

Here you will see all the chats, and then also for fun, I think the developers created the chat bot, which is called Apps Broke. "Sorry. We are trying to fix the app right now. Too many people using the app." There you have it.

Be back soon. Then you can just search for people. Then there's your profile. You can copy a friend, share this code to allow your friends to get you in their chat. You can just do that.

Then basically, if you want to add a friend in the chat, you can just type here, Add by friend code, and then you can just add a friend. Then basically, you with your friend can chat with both, and then you can also just invite friends here. That's the fun part of that.

I'll just write not a woman, maybe. Let's see what the reply will be. The fun part is that you, with your friends, can just chat with this bot, and this creates this interesting way of spending time. If you have a bunch of friends and you want to just hang out chatting with AI bots, this is the perfect app. Anyways.

But because this is basically the difference from Replika or some other AI messengers, where you just alone sees in chatting with the bot, this is kind of sad. But if you're doing that with friends, that's much more entertainment, I think. That's why I think this app actually has something special in that.

Here you can just search for some bots. I don't know. No results. There you have it. That's your name. You can change your profile. I don't know if actually how do you access your settings, how do you access your profile.

By swiping left, you can just move between chats. But at the moment, there are only two chat options. Not sure why is that. You can always share this chat. You can report the chat. I don't know what are these cookies. Maybe just some emojis.

But yeah, there you have it. Of course, you can just change your profile picture, change it from the gallery, from the camera. There you have it.

I think, overall, this was originally a Chinese app, I don't know, because it has some hieroglyphs when you try to create an account, but then it just has English interface.

You can see some writings on review. You can see interesting. Some people are reviewing that it has decent AI, but still have work to do. It can produce some decent chats, decent replies, but still not completely there yet. Probably it requires a bit of work on the model and all of that.

"Wow, I'm impressed now. It wasn't that good, but now, AI seems advanced and almost human like. I can tell you updated for sure." A lot of people just saying that this app is a bit glitchy and a bit buggy still.

"It just stays on loading the screen. I waited like seven minutes and nothing. I restarted my phone, nothing. Deleted and reinstalled the app, nothing. I don't know what's going on, but fix it. Overall, the app is so good."

Other people say that this app is just creepy. "Some AIs ask you if you want to hang out at their place." Some people are really creeping out. Yeah I agree, it can seem a bit creepy. Loading screen issues. "Although, the app seems great and fun, there's one slight problem. The app refuses to launch whenever I open it, and even though I tried reinstalling the app, it still doesn't budge."

Make it better, loading screen, app doesn't work. There are still few replies that there are some technical bugs and all of that. But the idea is just amazing.

But probably try this new update. It looks pretty okay, and I think the app is quite much faster and all of that. Then you can see the developer. Maybe it's just a solo developer actually in the developer, so you can't expect a lot of updates from here or very fast shipping time.

You can always reach out to app support, but when I click on that, it just redirects me here. I don't know what I would... Sorry, I was reading some news. If I want to search for Chai - Chat with AI, here is the website, but it just redirects me back to the app.

How do I ask support request or something like that? That I don't know, unfortunately. If you know how to do that, just leave it in the comments below. Just interesting to know how you would do that.

Other than that, this is the app. Definitely give it a try. I think you should try to update it on Monday or something. I was just checking out that it should be updated then, and probably there will be more AIs, will be more chatbots, and all of that. Definitely try update this app in the coming weeks. It can be a lot of fun.

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