Dream By Wombo - how to create AI artwork with IMAGE INPUT?

here is one ai app and uh dream by wumbo app and i will just show you in this tutorial how to create an ai artwork using an image so for example i just want to create an image of motel and here i just have some input image so the image you select will be used as a reference for the final output and you can here adjust influence so minor influence your input image has little effects on the final artwork default influence it means your input image has some effect major influence your input image has a large effect on the final artwork so here's what you can do then you can select some of the styles you can just choose an art style here and then you can also select no style okay and let's just see how it will work so before i use this dream app just by entering prompt and choosing the style category now i discourage you that you can actually use input image as this is a very helpful feature because you know ai generated images can be like super abstract but uh sometimes if you just give input image it helps ir algorithm to see what exactly you want and then you can just create like multiple copies okay so this is what you can see some of like the overview of the uh yeah so and that's basically how it looks like so there are some minor you can see the clouds are changed the a bit of the details so like very minor details are changed so let's just select input image and then just select normal and then select something with style so fantasy art and select normal so let's just see another result to give you an idea how it might work um so let's just explore it and now as you can see there is still original image and there you have it so now it's a bit different so something like that and then you can publish or share it so hope this is helpful thank you for checking out

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